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Friday, March 9, 2012

Keep the Wolves alive--Stop the tar sands development instead

In Canada, rapid tar sands development is threatening caribou herds by destroying their natural habitat. So what is the government's response?
Kill the wolves.
The Canadian government is planning on cruelly killing thousands of wolves by shooting them from helicopters and lacing bait with poison in a misguided attempt to "protect" declining caribou herds.
All so they can move forward with destructive tar sands extraction.
Tar sands extraction in Alberta, Canada would destroy a section of forest the size of Florida and leave behind pools of toxic waste water, threatening caribou and other wildlife there.
But instead of actually protecting the caribou's habitat, the Canadian government's plan is to brutally kill even more animals... the caribou's natural predators.
This cruel proposal is totally backwards, and does nothing to address the greater problem: tar sands extraction is a huge threat to wildlife and vital habitats. And without a healthy habitat, the future of Canada's caribou herds is bleak – no matter how many wolves are left.
There's still time to stop this disastrous wolf-killing plan.
Backlash is building and the Canadian government is starting to feel the heat. The Ministry of Environment has not yet moved forward with this planned wolf kill. If enough of us speak out NOW, we can stop the plan and help put the brakes on Canada's rush to destructive tar sands development that threatens all of us.
Thanks for all you do to protect precious wildlife and preserve our fragile ecosystems.
Stop the Tar Sands Wolf Killing!
The Canadian government is set to kill thousands of wolves to "make up for" caribou habitat destroyed through tar sands extraction.
Protect the Wolves