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Friday, March 2, 2012

Just Another Frantic Friday

10 most sleep-deprived jobs in America      Well, as the mother of a 'student teacher' who is very much too busy to get any sleep, it seems like. I can only hope that teachers are among the most well rested. After all, that would mean that he, my older son, may be running on caffeine now--coffee and 'Red Bull', but later he will get some sleep.
Sleep, which I can very much understand, can and would be very very important to a teacher. After all, there have been times as a single (widowed) mother that I have had too many things to do to get enough sleep and I can say from bitter experience that when I was sleep deprived--I was tired, grouchy, impatient and not very open to change. All of which, would prevent a teacher from teaching students.
After all, I may work only part-time, but getting enough sleep is still a challenge for me. I work late shift and get home too wond up to go to sleep, so what I do is watch television, 'The Tonight Show', for anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour and hopefully 'plant a tree also' and then go to sleep.
A question may be--Why don't I get more sleep since I only work part-time? Well, I go to sleep late and often wake up early to make sure my older son wakes up and gets going. After all, as bad as a tardy student is a tardy 'student teacher' is worse, almost as bad as a tardy teacher. Sometimes, I go back to sleep, but then sometimes I don't because I am also working on learning Micro Soft Office Suite, since there is so little that I do know about them,;Spanish, since it is one of my goals to become bi-lingual; and also the clarinet, since I had to drop out of my churches music program, since they were too advanced for me. Don't get me wrong, I can understand and respect the fact that they would want to play music that is challenging--but what they call a mere challenge to me is more like 'mission-impossible

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