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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Take A Stand Tuesday---Keep Standing Until There Is Justice

today's action

Help the People Stand Up to Massive Super PACs

In an age of unlimited corporate spending on political campaigns, it can feel like corporations are buying up our elections, and there's no way to take them back for the people. We can't back down and let the money pouring in to our elections take away representation of the people, by the people, for the people.

In a world of super PACs and unlimited campaign donations, we need a way to rally the people and make our voice hear as well. And you can join just such a movement, and help create a way to fight back against the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS onslaught of outside shadowy groups money being poured into congressional races.

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THANKS To The U.S. Supreme Court, This Election Should Set The Record For Most Money Spent and The Record In Attack Ads--If Not Already. I do not know about all 50 states, but Here In Ohio; Ads have been running on and off and on again Attacking Sen Sherron Brown and President Barrack Obama from all over the country.  As if someone from California knows as much or even More about Ohio than a born and raised Ohioan.
The Reality is There Is No Amount Of Money That Can Hide The Fact That The Republican Party Has Declared War On Homosexuals, Women, African-Americans, Americans of the Islamic Faith and Hispanic-Americans--The only question left is--Who Is Next????  Trayvon Martin: What Does The Rest of The World Think?

Trayvon Martin: What Does The Rest of The World Think?

  • March 26, 2012
  • 7:45 pm
 Written by Francois-Xavier Ada-Affana

On February 26, 2012, George Zimmerman, a ‘Neighborhood Watch Volunteer’ in Sanford, Florida, USA, shot and killed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin while the latter was coming out of a store with freshly-purchased candy. George Zimmerman confessed to the police that he shot Trayvon in the chest.
According to the 911-recording of the telephone conversation published last Friday night, George Zimmerman had notified the police of a “suspicious individual”, Trayvon Martin, a 17 year-old black youth, coming out of a store. The 911-operator stated that George Zimmerman had been told not to pursue the young man. . . .

There is Yet to Be An Arrest!  There is Yet To Be Justice! Now There The Haters Are Attacking The Dead, As If Killing This Young Man Was Not Enough, Now The Haters Are Attacking Trayvon Martin' Reputation As A Very Good Student! Then Again, What Other Choice Do They Have--Even As A Minor--He Would Have Proven Himself More Of A Real Man than George Zimmerman and His Uncle Tom--Joe Oliver.           (((REAL MEN=CARING MEN)))

UNTIL The of Court Law  FINALLY Steps In--THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION MUST KEEP UP THIS CALL FOR JUSTICE--NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO STOP. After all, All that is needed for Evil to Triumph is for Good People to do (SAY) nothing. This is what the Evil Haters Want--The Good People to Shut up About This Gross IN-JUSTICE, AS IF IT DID NOT HAPPEN.