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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Mix of Saving Lives and Exposing some Toxic People

Click "Like" to Help Match Patients with Donors to Save Lives!(on,, and/or get a widget--which I do not have, so I can not copy link location, but for those who have or can get a widget, please consider this option since saving lives is a worthy cause, indeed.

Be The Match weaves connections between life-saving donors and patients in need of marrow transplants, offering a second chance at life to people with diseases like leukemia. 10,000 people need a marrow transplant and only HALF receive one.
LIKE Be the Match to stay updated on ways to help the cause. This month, you can create an infographic of your life with My Social Strand to discover how you could be the unique thread to save a life.

Just a gentle reminder that there is no such thing as too many signatures, even though this petition is probably limited to U.S. citizens only, any more than there is such a thing as too much justice.
 Personally, I am surprised that California native,Birther- Pat Boone did not make the list. After all, he has come to Ohio and is back in Ohio, trying to tell us who have been born and raised and continue to live in Ohio how to run the state of Ohio, AS IF that Californian knows more about Ohio than we Ohioans.

alternative action 10 Common First-Aid Mistakes
Taking care of cuts, burns, bites and other everyday boo-boos is a valuable skill. But is your first-aid care as helpful as you think? Or are you doing more harm then good when you rub butter on that burn? For today's Secondary Action, learn 10 Common First-Aid Mistakes.