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Thursday, March 15, 2012

today's action Be Informed About the War on Women

Women across the country are furious about the attacks on women's rights, contraception, and reproductive rights. Politicians are trying to strip us of our rights from every direction, and women are getting mad and getting involved.

Attacks on contraception -- something that a large majority of women and men support -- have been coming from a wide range of right-wing politicians, and even from our Republican presidential candidates.

For today's Daily Action, take a look at Care2's coverage of the War on Women. Read up, get angry, and get active.

With all due respect, I know it sounds that at times that I have used this blog to declare War on the Republican Party and there are probably many Republicans who see it that way, but then again, they don't know me.  This blog is about defending the environment, defending all people--regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender preference and gender identification.

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Why Is Mitt Romney Picking A Fight With Planned Parenthood

The sad reality is--Yes, there is a War going on, but It Was The Republican Party and The Social Conservatives of The Tea Party Movement which started it. Many others such as myself who are simply fighting back in Self-Defence. After all, I am not a true Democrat, but rather a Moderate Independent, since I have never ever voted a straight party ticket; However--The Way The Republican Party is going, I Am On The Verge Of Becoming A True-Blue Democrat.