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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Community Matters One Family At a Time.

 Dear Readers, the reason that I am passing this e-mail on is when I worked at a Cleaning Service, some of our hardest jobs were cleaning apartments. Most especially, after the old tenant was evicted and before the new tenant moved in. Some were so dirty and filthy and worst, some were roach infested, but either way we were expected to make it look like a new apartment which was never lived in:
When Elvia Bahena arrived to testify before the Indianapolis City Council on July 10, she was scared.
She had come to testify about abuses she had experienced in her 11 years working as a housekeeper in the hotel industry. Dozens of hotel managers were in attendance, including Brian Comes, the General Manager of the Hyatt Regency, where Elvia worked. She was nervous, but she wanted to show her children that speaking truth to power is the right thing to do. She got up and testified in favor of a new law that would improve conditions in the hotel industry.
Two weeks later she was fired.
This isn’t the first time members have spoken out against unfair firings by the Hyatt. Nearly 100,000 of us have rallied behind the Reyes sisters, who were fired from a Santa Clara Hyatt after one sister complained about sexism in the workplace. It’s clear that Hyatt will continue to trample over the rights of workers unless consumers like us come together and hold it accountable.
At first, Hyatt and its subcontractor, United Services, claimed that Elvia was dismissed because of “disciplinary issues,” but in her 6 months at Hyatt she never received a write-up or even a warning. Now United Services is claiming she hasn’t been fired -- she simply hasn’t been given any new assignments. If Hyatt wants to claim it isn’t trying to intimidate its workers, it needs to back it up with action and bring Elvia back to work.
Around the country, Hyatt housekeepers suffer low wages, crushing workloads, and serious injuries at work. And Hyatt continues to exploit subcontracted workers like Elvia. Now Hyatt workers have called for a global boycott of Hyatt hotels in protest. Feminist organizations, LGBT advocacy groups, religious groups, and labor unions have joined in. But if Hyatt can intimidate workers by firing those who speak out, it will have a chilling effect on any protest.
Stand up for workers' rights: Tell Hyatt to bring Elvia back to work and clear her name.
Rob, Emma, Kaytee, and the team at

This is also why I pass on so much information on employment and job campaigning.

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