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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Keeping The Focus On Gun Sanity--

South Carolina Republican Sends Worst Tweet Ever

"Why isn't the GOP condemning Todd Kincannon?"    Read »

I confess when I first read what was tweeted about a young man who was shot down dead at such a young age--I got as angry as any other person who was raised that it is improper to speak ill of the dead. After all, the dead can not defend themselves. But sadly, very sadly, that is an human decency that some of the GOP Leadership lacks. Then, I calmed down realizing how diabolicly clever that move was. After all, those words were so ugly and so hateful that my first reaction was to react to those words, which was exactly what the plan was.  After all, one person yelling and screaming at another person accomplishes nothing--the true goal of some the GOP--To see that Nothing Gets Done--Nothing Gets Accomplished--Just the Good Old Status Quo Gets Maintained--And then Blame the Democrats for it.

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
There are scary consequences to thinking of kids as a ripe gun market. READ MORE»

Gun Nuts' Fantasies Vs. Real World Tragedies

"When will America's "serious conversation" about guns begin?"    Read »

With or With Out The Tea-Party Republicans, We Americans must take a deep breath and keep our focus. Yes, all weapons need to be registered. No, No one other than the Military and Police Department have a need for assault weapons. This also includes 30 round clips. Yes, We do need to do more to keep weapons out of the hands of Criminals,those people who are Mentally unstapled, and most especially, of Terrorists, both foreign and domestic.

But above all, Let us not get sidetracked--We need a Real Serious Conversation and Real Serious Action!!

Both of these--have one thing in common, both were meant to side track us from the Real Issue of Gun Sanity--So Please let us focus on Gun Sanity>>>>

TAKE ACTION NOW! Help End Gun Violence in Chicago

Cal -
The citizens of Chicago have a right to feel safe and need our President's help. Please support Chicago protestors by asking President Obama to help end gun violence in Chicago.

A Republican Gun Control Solution

TomCat- "Now that the American people have at long last been shocked into demanding reasonable firearms reform, Republicans have been twisting in the wind, with scheme after scheme to prevent it, each one more absurd than the last. I thought it could not get any worse, but I was wrong."

After all, Re-Writing History serves No One Any Good.  The Truth Can Never Be Hidden For Long. The Truth Always Finds A Way To Come Out.

After all, There Is Also>>>

Gun Control Bill With Bipartisan Support Unveiled In House

Cal -
House lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled their first bipartisan bill targeting gun violence in this Congress: a measure to make firearms trafficking a federal crime.
At least one state is trying to legislate for women instead of against them. READ MORE!!