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Monday, February 18, 2013

Yes, Let Us Support the President as We build the Economy, Together.

Speaker Boehner Rejects Obama's Proposal To Raise The Minimum Wage

Carrie -

Contrary to Boehner's claims, research suggests that minimum wage increases have little or no effect on job creation. One study found "no detectable employment losses," another found "no impact on hours worker or employment levels," and another found ... READ MORE!!

Rich Are Getting Richer and It's Hurting Social Security's Finances

Carrie -

Many people don't realize that Social Security taxes are capped. This year, workers only pay the Social Security FICA tax, up to $113,700 of what they make. Meaning, millionaires and billionaires are only paying a tiny portion of their income to SS taxes. READ MORE!!!!

Tana Ganeva, AlterNet
Grocery giant TESCO has strapped electronic armbands to their warehouse workers to measure their productivity. READ MORE»

The question becomes, instead of spending money on stuff like this, can we reason together as mature adults who are both worthy of respect, so that this US V THEM---Can end. After all, we are in this Economy, Together. Us V Them, will not solve anything to anyone's benefit.

So let us start building up the Middle Class and for those who truly hate their jobs, there are choices, grin and bare with it or move on to another job or start your own company>>>>>

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THANK YOU U.S. BANK!!!!!! I am not sponsored by, but rather am proud to share. After all, If You are tired of working for others and have the drive to be your own boss, good luck and more power to you, but as for me, I am at my best when I am being a good follower.