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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let Us Build the Ecomony, before We stress out.

The Pediatricians Vs. the NRA

Kit -
How the gun lobby is trying to gag doctors from talking about kids and guns. READ MORE!!!!


Recovery Demands More and Better Jobs

TomCat -
Right now the US economy is stuck in a vicious circle.  Potential employers are not expanding production, so they are not hiring, because demand for their products and services is low.  Demand for their products and services is low, because so many people are unemployed, and far too many of those that are do not make enough to support their families, let alone consume additional goods and services.  So many people are unemployed and underemployed, because potential employers are not expanding production, so they are not hiring.  Recovery demands more and better jobs.

This is also the cause of most of the stress that many families are facing and why some people become so stressed out that they act out. 
And this is where I hope I can be part of the solution--I am a part-time worker looking for a second part-time job, if and or when I get my second job in a field which I hope will lead to full-time employment, but first things first--this is where I hope to help others up the ladder too, since we need each other so very much--After all, as I have written so many times in the past--one company's employee are other companies' customers.


Current Issue: February 4, 2013

4 Best Tips for Your
'New Year' Cover Letter

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How many websites do you visit when looking for a new job? One, Two, Ten, Twenty? The sad part is if you don't check them all, you'll most likely miss out on the perfect job. Yet anyone who's tried, knows that searching ten or more sites a day is extremely time consuming and tedious -- and you have to submit your resume & cover letter, over and over, for every job you apply to. Now a new service called MyJobHunter solves all that and more!

You can use MyJobHunter to instantly search all major job sites (at the same time) for jobs you like. Next, review the jobs it found and put a check mark next to your favorites. Then, press a single button to send your resume & cover letter to ALL the jobs you checked. It's that easy! You can apply to 1 or 1000 jobs all at once, depending on what you find. Give it a try at MyJobHunter.
 In addition, I will also share this and hopefully and prayerfully one thing or another will help someone.
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