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Friday, February 1, 2013


today's action Turn Your Passion Into a Nonprofit Organization!
We know Care2 members love making a difference. Maybe you like to work for gender equality, rescue animals, advocate for LGBT rights, or fight for healthy air and water in your community.

It might be time to turn your charitable passion into a nonprofit organization.

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) is a fiscal sponsor that has helped hundreds of activists launch their passion into a structured nonprofit organization. With SEE, you can get your project up and running quickly, qualify to apply for donations, grants and fellowships to fund your work, and receive guidance in best practices every step of the way.

Plus, SEE takes care of responsibilities like processing donations, payroll, grant management, donor databases, tax filing, accounting and more so YOU can focus on making the world a better place.

For today's Daily Action, learn more about how SEE can help turn your passion into a nonprofit organization.

Yes, Entrepreneurs are needed, Most Especially people who are Socially and Environmentally aware and involved. After all, as sure as leaders need followers, we also need leaders just as much. As the saying goes--What do you call a leader who does not have any followers; a person walking in the woods, alone.
Yes, leaders are needed. After all, today's small up-start business is tomorrow's corporation. Not to forget the fact that it has been said that small businesses employ most of the workers. This is why we need to continue to do more for small businesses and their employees.