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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Supporting The Fight To Save Lives--Part II--The Action That Is Needed

Dear Reader, I am passing on this e-mail with petition, after all that the NRA has done--This Group of Fear Monger of Hate Mongers Must Be Stopped--They Have Gone Too Far--They have become as Evil as the Nazis and Al-Queda
The NRA has officially gone off the deep end. It’s released an “enemies list”, attacked President Obama’s kids, and declared that the solution to gun violence is, bizarrely, more guns.
Meanwhile, major corporations like Ramada Hotels, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Cigna have cut sweetheart deals with the NRA, charging NRA members less than they charge you and me in exchange for the organization's seal of approval. But if we can push Ramada and other corporations out of bed with the NRA, then we can undercut the NRA’s power at this critical moment when Congress has a real chance of passing sensible gun control measures.
For decades the National Rifle Association has stood in the way of sensible gun control, helping to ensure that the United States has 20 times as many gun-related murders as the average developed country. It is single-handedly responsible for preventing the renewal of the federal assault weapons ban and for crushing local gun regulation around the country. Now in the wake of the horrific Sandy Hook shooting, the NRA is arguing that more guns in schools will prevent future mass shootings.
The NRA uses benefits its corporate partners offer to advertise and recruit new members -- many of whom are hunters or otherwise responsible gun owners who don’t endorse the NRA’s dangerous agenda in Washington. The NRA takes its members’ money and uses it on lobbying efforts to make sure that anyone, including people with a history of domestic violence or mental illness, can walk into a store and buy a gun -- including military-grade assault rifles or .50 caliber rifles that can take down airplanes -- without a background check.
The NRA’s corporate partners can get away with these deals because most consumers aren’t aware of them. We need to come together and make sure NRA sponsorships become a big liability for corporations.
The NRA's partners have brands to protect, and it certainly doesn’t want that brand tied to the atrocious policies that the NRA is pushing in Washington. If we can get them to drop their deals with the NRA, we’ll weaken its recruiting machine and remind lawmakers that the NRA is an extremist organization that doesn’t represent the American mainstream.
Thanks for all you do,

Rob, Kaytee, and the team at
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