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Friday, February 1, 2013


By Laura Delano, AlterNet

Reflections on Obama’s gun control strategy from a "survivor" of the mental health system. READ MORE»

I understand where Laura Delano is coming from, since when I was a child, there was no video games--the only games around were in the arcades and they were pinball games.  There were a few shooting games, but they were so artificial.

But, more importantly, throwing people into the Mental Health System is not any better than throwing people into jail. After all, we only have so much jail space, since so many people want more jails, but do not build them in their backyards. With so little space available for prisoners, judges are become more and more leery of jailing prisoners--This-This is why I am so much in favor of increasing the fines of people who break the gun laws--Since I do not believe there will ever be any circumstance were judges would not hesitate or even think twice before fining a person. If the person Can Not Pay the fine then use jails, but that is Can Not--Not Will Not--There are ways to find hidden money.

Jim Sleeper, Daniel J.H. Greenwood, The Atlantic

There's a big difference between the free speech rights of individuals under the First Amendment and socially destructive marketing by corporations of products that kill. READ MORE»

Yes, It Is Freedom Of Speech and The Freedom To Assemble that Keeps Us Free!! But So Many Gun Nuts have deluded themselves into believing that it is the Second--They obviously have never seen the 'Modern Marvels' Episodes which highlight the advancements in warfare that the United States Military has and continues to have. IF-IF the United States Military ever turned on it own people, they were make the Syrian Army look not only backwards, but also look like a poorly equipped gang.

 After all, on one episode I remember they showed the U.S. Military having special heat seeing lenses that can see the heat that the human body emits even through walls, so IF--IF the U.S. Army Ever Turned Against us, all they have to do--is wait until everyone either drops their guard or falls asleep and drop CS gas/ a.k.a. known as tear gas--if not even worse, and no matter how many weapons and or ammo that building has or may have--they are defeated.  This--This--This is why it is only a delusion that the U.S. Government fears a well armed citizenry. After all, people the U.S. Military has Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons.

Speaking of the Fact that There Is More Power in Freedom of Speech>>>
By Karen Charman,

Woodstock, the iconic counter-culture capital of the world, has become the first municipality to call for legislation to make fracking a Class C felony. READ MORE»

 YES!!!!! Looks Like Woodstock is leading the way, once again.

After all, why doe anyone think that Voter Supression is so very very important!!!!
Two More Republicans Face Justice Over Voter Fraud

"Trying to demonstrate the ease of voter fraud, these right wingers proved the opposite."    Read »