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Saturday, February 16, 2013

This Blog Is Still Demanding A Plan 2 End Gun Violence and Bring Gun Sanity 2 America.

Demand a Plan

Dear Readers, I am passing on this e-mail and video with the hope that you too will join me in supporting Ms Cleopatra Crowley-Pendleton in ending Gun Violence-too many have died already--More than all our American Wars put together;
Cleopatra Crowley-Pendleton’s 15-year-old daughter Hadiya performed at President Obama’s inauguration. A week later she was murdered with a gun.

No parent should have to go through such heartbreak.

Please watch this powerful TV ad Cleo recorded calling on Congress to require background checks for all gun sales -- then share it with your friends and family:

Members of Congress are back home for the next week, talking to their constituents about gun reform and other important issues. This is a good time to start a conversation in your community about common sense laws that could save countless lives.

Please forward this email to your friends and family or share Cleo’s video on Facebook or Twitter:


Thank you for spreading the word,

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns


Cleopatra Watch and Share