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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Fight to make the world a safer place continues.

The Arms Trade Treaty vs. the NRA
Negotiations to finalize an Arms Trade Treaty will be held at the United Nations from March 18 to 28. While efforts to reduce gun violence in the U.S. moving forward, the international community is watching closely to see if NRA lobbyists once again seek to derail the Arms Trade Treaty when the U.N. negotiations resume next month. 
When there are international laws for the sale of iPods and bananas but not AK-47s and grenade launchers, we've got a problem. The Arms Trade Treaty sets uniform standards for international arms sales -- bringing foreign governments up to high U.S. standards and the black arms markets out of the shadows. The Treaty protects legitimate trade and holds foreign governments accountable for selling arms to human rights violators. Without it, warlords and terrorists will keep exploiting loopholes to get weapons.
These weapons are used by warlords to force child soldiers to kill their parents, by terrorists to attack American soldiers and missionaries, and by gangs to rape refugee women and girls. NRA lobbyists know the Treaty only affects foreign countries, not gun laws for American civilians, and helps keep weapons out of the hands of terrorists who kill Americans overseas.
The Treaty protects law-abiding Americans' freedoms and our troops overseas, but NRA lobbyists are lying about it anyway to fundraise off American gun owners. This Treaty is in America's security, business, and moral interests. It protects legitimate trade and cracks down on weapons sales to war criminals and terrorists. We can't let NRA lobbyists derail it. Stay tuned for what you can do to make sure this does not happen.'s Annual Meeting: July 27, 2013

This is yet another reason why Gun Sanity must come to America, because the violence is spreading.

This is also why I am passing on this e-mail and petition>>>>>
I created my own campaign on CREDO's new site that allows members to start their own petitions.
My petition, which is to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), asks the following:
Denounce NRA's Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre's racist, derogatory, and false attacks on America's Latino community and immediately return thousands of dollars of NRA contributions to your campaign.
If Republicans are serious about rebranding themselves as moderates and including Latinos within their party platform, they must distance themselves and condemn the vile remarks made by the NRA. This includes Senator Marco Rubio, who has positioned himself as the leading Latino voice within the party on immigration reform, and even offering an official Spanish-language response to President Obama's State of the Union address. Senator Rubio needs to show that he is bargaining for all Latinos in good faith, and not just trying to score cheap political points, by denouncing recent racist remarks from NRA and by returning the thousands in contributions he has received from that organization.
Sign the petition to ask Senator Rubio to say no to NRA leader's ugly racism.
Thank you for your support.
Gabe Ortiz
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