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Friday, February 8, 2013


President Obama, Don't Appoint a Fracking Proponent as Energy Secretary

energysecFood & Water Watch

President Obama is considering naming Ernest Moniz, head of the oil and gas industry funded MIT Energy Initiative, as the next Energy Secretary. Moniz is a...

Agreed!!!! Letting the 'fox' guard the 'hen house' is a most terrible idea--President Obama Do Not Do This!!!!

alternative action Tell Washington: Don't Delist Wolves!
Are you ready to demand that the U.S. government not eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for wolves? Here’s how you can help.
For today's Secondary Action, please send an urgent message to the Obama Administration and demand that wolves retain the federal protection they need to ensure their recovery in the wild.

Yes, Predators are worth saving! After all, to deliberately repeat the mistake that Australia made with the dingo and kangaroo would be foolish and most ignorant--After all, is not a sign of intelligence learning how not to make the same mistake twice.  This is where some hunters give hunting a bad reputation--Killing off a predator just so human hunter can hunt more game--IS PURE SELFISHNESS THAT COMES FROM GREED.

Maryland Delegate to Introduce Fracking Moratorium Bill

Cal -
Fracking opponents plan to be in Annapolis for the introduction of a bill calling for a state moratorium on the natural gas drilling technique until studies are completed on its impact.


Yoko Ono Buys TV Ad Time to Speak to Gov. Cuomo About Fracking


Artists Against Fracking

As the deadline for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision on gas fracking approaches later this month, Artists Against Fracking has stepped up its campaign...

Maybe it is me, but I believe the best way to thank artists like Ms Yoko Ono is by signing the following petition.

Stop Fracking Our Lakes!
Seneca Lake rainbow