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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yes, We can Build the Economy, but not with fear!!!!

I am passing on the following because I do understand and respect the fact that growing business networks are important--Since We need to build up the Middle Class.

Companies you may want to follow, hand-selected to help you grow your business:
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Personally I am very much in favor of growing businesses. What get me angry is when businesses do not treat their employees fairly.

Dear Readers, that is also why I got involved with B.I.G. for a while, but unfortunately for me, their meetings did not fit my schedule. After all, either they were when I was at work or too far away or both--but I am sharing this e-mail any way, since it might help some one:

You may have heard of us through your friends, colleagues, or maybe you've been to one of our meetings as a guest. B.I.G., (Believe, Inspire, Grow) is extremely excited to announce our latest initiative for you and your business. We are proud to present B.I.G.+PLUS, designed for the woman who seeks a path to profitability. 

Come learn more about B.I.G.+PLUS and meet these highly successful and charismatic experts who will play an instrumental role in your continued success. Join us us at any of the six free launch events listed below.

With B.I.G.+PLUS, you will propel your business forward by:
Utilizing established strategies that will increase your profits,
but not your time commitments
Accumulating money that will fuel your personal
and professional goals
Being included in an elite group of entrepreneurial women
who share your goals

Getting a clearer vision of your life's goals
         Connecting to mentors who can inspire you to new heights
Please join us at any of free launch events below by clicking the dates to register:
Tuesday, April 23rd in Newton, MA

                                      With Excitement and Support,
                                        B.I.G. HQ
I am in Stow, Ohio, with no paid vacations any time soon. Yes, I can take time off, time that will cost me, so need I say that I won't be at any of these meetings--Too far and I can't afford that much of a cut in my pay check--BUT, IF There is a chance that this might help at least one businesswoman. 
 Speaking of Fighting For Women--This is why I am also passing on this e-mail>>>
 What a joke: 24 hours from now, House Republicans are expected to vote on what they’re calling the "Violence Against Women Act" -- BUT, they're actually planning to strip out essential protections for LGBT victims of domestic abuse, Native Americans, and immigrants.

This is inexcusable and wrong. We need to protect more victims of abuse, not less -- and time is running out. Will you add your name and tell House Republicans to pass the real version of VAWA?
 SIGN YOUR NAME: Tell Eric Cantor and House Republicans to reauthorize the REAL Violence Against Women Act.
Add your name >>
The Republican version of VAWA discriminates against women because of their ethnic background and sexual orientation. We shouldn’t settle for anything but full protections for domestic abuse victims.

Help us reach 250,000 strong telling House Republicans to pass the real version of the Violence Against Women Act:
Together, we can get this done.

Democratic Headquarters
 After all, the True Enemy of the Sanctity of Marriage and Family IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!!! 
After all, We Indeed Have Nothing To Fear BUT Fear Itself>>>>
This is why I always question Fear Mongers such as>>>>
Reduce Your Profile NOW
Because Anything the IRS Gets on You WILL Be Used against You

To feed Obama's voracious federal spending machine, the IRS is ramping up what they call "taxpayer compliance" – code for "we're coming after you."

And crony bankers are making it a cakewalk for them, happily sharing your once-private financial records with IRS agents under the privacy-destroying Patriot Act.

I've researched and prepared a solution for my own personal use prior to April 15 – to lower my profile and duck under the IRS' radar (all legal, of course).

I'll share that solution with you, but first I must ask you a very sensitive, politically incorrect question: "Do you even recognize…" (continued here) --NOT!!!!
Who seem to have forgotten that The Patriot Act was enacted in 2001, by President George W. Bush in the Aftermath of 9/11.  YES, At That Time Many of Us Liberals Were angry with this invasion of our Privacy, but at the time we were mocked since it was the Republicans doing it--that meant that it was justified.  The question is how much of the Patriot Act do we still have to fear???  Good Question, since the current status of the Patriot Act is unknown and much of the information is dated--it will take time to look it up and follow all that has happened since President George W. Bush first enacted it.
So if you are like me and get this e-mail, fear not to delete it. 
After all, Some times the problem is the employee and not the employer>>>>
    How to Get Disengaged Employees to Go the Extra Mile · Are you losing money because your employees aren't fully engaged? Check out these proven ideas for getting your staff to give you...Read More!!!!

After all, one of my biggest challenges at work was when I was incharge and I was the only one motivated to get the job done right--That can be very challenging as a leader, when no one wants to follow or at least it felt that way.