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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Christianity At Its Worst and Most Evil.

Who’s Praying For Their Enemies to Get Breast Cancer?

A women’s prayer group is praying for their fellow women fighting for a secular military to get incurable breast cancer.
The prayer group wrote to a leader of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MFRR) that:
“We pray that the women who work in your MFRR and the women in your family will befall fast moving breast cancer which can not everbe [sic] cured."
"The email was addressed to the founder of MFRR Michael Weinstein and followed him hanging up the phone on an abusive call from a member of the prayer group. It names 14 key women members of MFRR and says that they pray they get breast cancer.
The email says: “America … is Jesus’ country.” MFRR has been fighting since 2005 against a concerted push by what Weinstein calls “the fundamentalist Christian Taliban” against the separation of church and state in the military, and the email is just one example of the nasty push back Weinstein, as well as other supporters of MFRR, has received. .  . .
 Weinstein is a Republican, Honor Graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and from three generations of members of the military. He established the foundation after his sons received religious discrimination at the Academy, as he had also received. He says:
“This battle started because I was a pissed off parent. I found out that my sons were being called Jews and being accused of total complicity in the execution of Jesus Christ at the United States Air Force Academy.”
Weinstein believes that the activities of the ‘Christian Taliban’ “is creating an internal national security threat.”
  Warning any True Christian may experience heart break and/or anger at the abuse done in Jesus Holy Name. After all, The Real Jesus came so that all may have life-life more abundantly--The Real Jesus is the way, the truth and The Life.

This is why this blog fights against 'Social Conservative Christians ' who are truly 'The Christian Taliban' if not the current Anti-Christ.
How anyone who calls themselves Christian can justify this pure evil--this much hate--this--this--this GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!