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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Afternoon of the Day before Earth Day--Part II

In Britain, the devout tend to be economic progressives. Why have American Christians embraced social Darwinism? READ MORE
By David Sirota / AlterNet

I have written and will continue to write about my concern of how much damage the 'Far-Right' does to the body of Christ--we Christians are the body of Christ all together, with Jesus as our Head. It sometimes gets me soooo very very very angry when I see them doing soo much to slice and dice the Body of Christ and to set 'Brother against Brother'.
After all, I confess I saw it played out in a microcosm. One of the former Churches that I was a member of--I remember one Sunday Service, after another Church closed down--Many of the members of that late-Church, were joining our Church--This unfortunately excited the Pastor a little too much--That at the end of his sermon--he quoted another pastor for a Pastoral Retreat, which sounded far too much like the Republican Party platform--far more than the Holy Bible--I remember the Pastor standing there at the alter wondering why the congregation just sat there in silence, when at the Pastoral Retreat there were so many shouts of 'AMEN', 'GLORI HALLELUJAH' and the like.  The sad reality was that that Pastor for got the  Geo-Political Reality of Bedford, which is one of the many suburbs of Cuyahoga County, which is only the most Democratic Counties in the State of Ohio.  The sad reality was the following week Church attendance went from a new high to a new low.
This is why I hate and get so angry about politics entering Christianity, because my concern is at the end it is the Body of Christ--the Christian Church which will pay the price--by having many followers of Jesus Christ get driven away.
This is also why It is My Greatest Hope and Prayer that this blog builds up and lifts up and unites for the common good. Toward that end--I also pass on-->

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