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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maunday Thursday Part II

The Sierra Club needs 2,000 additional members by Earth Day on April 22.  Do your part and join today!
Join the Sierra Club Today
Join the Sierra Club Today
Green Field Messenger Bag

Dear Reader, I am passing this on for many reasons--1st off; I am already a member. 2nd off; there is no longer a Mixxingbowl to pass this along on. Finally, we share this planet--therefore, we share the responsibility of taking care of it until we pass it onto the next generations.
Earth Day is just around the corner. Celebrate this year by joining the largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. Join the Sierra Club Today!

Why join now? Because the Earth needs you!

Attacks on the environment just keep coming from Congress. With the regulatory powers of the EPA threatened, and special interests wanting to continue our addiction to dirty fossil fuels, we need you as a member adding your voice to protect our natural heritage.

2012 is a critical election year for the environment. As a member, we will keep you informed about which candidates we endorse in your area and where they stand on crucial environmental issues. Stay informed by joining the Sierra Club today!

As a member, you will also receive these great benefits: a one-year subscription to the award-winning SIERRA magazine, members-only eco-travel opportunities, automatic membership in your local chapter, and a FREE gift.

But the greatest benefit to being a member of the Sierra Club is the difference you make in the lives of endangered species and protecting our planet.

 Please consider joining the Sierra Club and be part of the 2,000 additional members working to explore, enjoy and protect the planet this Earth Day.

Thank you for your support.


Michael Brune


My 14 Year Old Son Has Brain Cancer -- Without Obamacare, We May Have Been Dropped By Our Insurance Company

My then 13-year-old son would have reached his lifetime limit of health insurance had such limits not been eliminated by Obamacare on April 1, 2011. READ MORE
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 There are many--too many stories like this one--That is why soo many people need ObamaCare, because without ObamaCare there will only be Emergency Care or 'Doctor Mom' Care--as if any us Mothers really have a medical degree.

As questions remain as to the role race played in the death of Trayvon Martin, the right is using race-baiting tactics to silence any broader conversation about racism. READ MORE
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Wake Up Right-Wing Media--There Is Nothing Wrong with Fighting for Justice--Or at least there better not be.  After all, Fair is Fair--With all the stories that George Zimmerman and his family told that have been dis-proven--there is little doubt that they are a family of liars--There is little doubt that the one and only way to get the truth out of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin is to hook him up to a polygraph machine.