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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th is not bad luck--it is action day to do good.

today's action Send an E-Card to Spread the Word About Malaria

Malaria takes precious lives every day. 1 million people die of the disease every year, often because the sick person could not get treatment within 24 hours.
But its effects on families range beyond health. Malaria is the primary cause of poverty. The care, treatment and prevention of malaria can eat up an impoverished family's meager, hard-earned savings in a minute.
Saving children from malaria isn't impossible, but we must ensure their mothers have access to microfinance programs and health education so they can see the signs early and afford treatment without draining their savings.
Our friends at Freedom From Hunger are helping women in malaria-stricken communities develop the knowledge and resources to save their children. Making a big difference starts with spreading the word about the problem: For today's Daily Action, send a free e-card to your friends in honor of World Malaria Day to be part of the solution to a deadly disease.--->

alternative action Protect Our Oceans From Acidification
Climate change doesn't just affect life on land. The large amounts of carbon absorbed by the ocean are actually changing its chemistry. But fish, corals and other marine life are struggling to cope with their more acidic environment. For today's Secondary Action, ask U.S. President Obama to take action to combat ocean acidification.

 After all, Paraskevidekatriaphobia is only true when we fail to Redeem the Day. Who knows if enough Good happens of each and every Friday the 13th, then those days may become a day of Good Luck!!!!

Good Question--Excellent Question--Is it a way to make extra money or a way for employers to exploit employees who are desperate for a job or Worse both. This is why regulations are necessary. After all, my previous job devolved from a legal cleaning service to servitude, but I was too busy working too many hours to see what was happening right in front of my face. I was working too many hours without the proper rest to have the energy and the time to stop and THINK-TRULY THINK about the stories that those so called Holy Ghost Filled Christians were telling, such as the time that Supervisor 'Jane' insisted that 'certain workers' for The AAA--(American Automotive Association) were paid off by her Ex-brother-in-law . . .  to break into her apartment and ransack it--a story that none of us mere employees were allowed to question, because 'Jane' insisted that 'she knew that she knew'. 

Dear Reader I am Passing this on for your consideration and for the benefit of future generations;
Thanks again for submitting your comment in support of the EPA's new carbon pollution rules that will protect our kids' health and clean up the air we breathe.
Today is the first day of the official public comment period on these new rules and we're so close to reaching our goal of delivering 500,000 public comments in support of the new rules by next Friday!
Can you spare two more minutes to help drown out the well-funded voices of Big Coal and its lobbyists?
All you have to do is share the campaign on Facebook or Twitter, or just forward the message below to your friends and family now.
------------FORWARD MESSAGE BELOW------------
The EPA is asking for feedback on historic new safeguards that protect our kids' health and clean up our air by limiting dangerous carbon emissions from power plants.
A community of environmental activists has set a goal of submitting 500,000 comments in support of these crucial new rules by Friday April 20th and we're nearly there!
Will you put us over the top by taking a moment to let the EPA know you support the new carbon pollution limits that will protect our kids' health and fight global warming?
Asthma is growing at a frightening pace here in the U.S. – a horrifying 9 million kids face life-threatening challenges as a result.
But now there is one simple thing you can do to help stop asthma in its tracks – tell the EPA you support its historic new carbon pollution rules that would limit dangerous emissions from power plants.
Unfortunately (but not surprisingly!), Big Coal and other corporate polluters are launching an all-out assault on the EPA's new carbon pollution limits. They're spending millions to spread lies and misinformation about the "safety" of coal and hiring high-powered lobbyists to try to influence the final decision on the rules.
We need to make sure that the EPA is hearing from every day Americans that these new rules are important to them – we can't afford to let Big Coal and its lobbyists drown out common sense and public health.
The comment period for these rules has just opened – please join me in letting the EPA know that you support them from the very get-go.
Thanks for your help!

Thank You for your time and consideration, but most importantly Thank You for Taking Action. After all, Actions really do speak louder than words.