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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Evening--Exposing a Lie as a Lie.


Don Lemon: "Don't Call Me Racist For Covering Trayvon Martin"

CNN host exposes ugly racist taunts he's received for his coverage

CNN host Don Lemon is not apologizing for his extensive coverage of the Trayvon Martin case — especially to the many racists who have bombarded him with tweets due to the coverage. . . .

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Good Point--Excellent Point, Mr. Donald Lemon, while it is true that there are a few African-Americans with a 'chip on their shoulders' more often than not this is a false accusation to keep African-Americans from fighting for their rights. That and 'False Pride' as if an African-American has fewer rights to hold their heads up high than any other member of the Human Race.

 In the midst of the furor surrounding the killing of Trayvon Martin, there may have been a bit of a discussion among the chattering classes about the broader implications of policies encouraging citizens to assume the roles traditionally assigned to police officers enjoying a monopoly on the legitimate use of deadly force
But in state capitals around the country, the gun lobby's drive to arm the population as heavily as possible hasn't paused for any real debate. Here's a quick summary from Stateline's Maggie Clark:    Read more
By Ed Kilgore | Washington Monthly
Driving people into fear can make quite a few dollars and cents. After all, a terrified person will spend and spend for security, without question of price. That is why there are so many people and companies who feed on the fears of others.

The Mythical Martyrdom of the Religious Right's Favorite Islamophobic General

He claims the Constitution doesn't cover Muslims and says mosques should not be permitted in the U.S. So West Point withdrew an invitation and drama ensued.
Photo Credit: U.S. Army
Ever since retired Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin withdrew as the scheduled keynote speaker at the February 8 National Prayer Breakfast at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Religious Right leaders have tried to turn the controversy over his planned appearance into a cautionary tale of political correctness trumping religious liberty. In reality, the episode provides a case study of Religious Right propaganda techniques in action – and of right-wing leaders’ unwillingness to let the truth get in the way of a good story. . . .

I remember all to well the bitter experience of having worked and having been used by a pair 'Social Conservatives' --A.K.A. Born-Again Holy Ghost Filled Christian Tea Party Republicans ( who were the owner/ boss and the older sister/ supervisor of the small company that I made the mistake of working there for far too long before Finally correcting MY mistake--BY QUITING) could tell the difference between being caught lying,cheat and stealing  AND True Persecution for Righteousness sake. Unfortunately, all too often the ones who are all to vocal are the ones who they themselves are the source of the trouble that is plaguing them.

INTERESTING--Very Interesting Development--Now there are some Republicans who insist on calling George Zimmerman a Democrat, but I could not find out any thing on any of his family's political ties, which leaves me to believe that the Zimmerman Family have become so Disgraceful--That even many Republicans have started Disowning them.