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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Part II

Women and the Green Economy (WAGE)

Promoting Sustainability and Solutions to Climate Change
To accelerate and provide the new thinking and creative power for a global post-carbon economy, Earth Day Network is engaging women business, government and NGO leaders in its “Women and the Green Economy” (WAGE®) Campaign. WAGE® is working today to create a policy agenda for Rio+20 and generate relevant national initiatives that will promote the green economy, secure educational and job training opportunities for women and channel green investment to benefit women.
Launched at the UNFCCC 16th Conference of the Parties in Cancun, Mexico in December, 2010, the WAGE® Campaign is actively creating a road map for women to aggregate their power and promote their leadership in creating a sustainable green economy and mitigating climate change.
Earth Day Network created WAGE® in view of the following facts:To Read More Please Go To -->

The previous post dealt more with the problem and learning more about the problem--This is What I believe is the solution--Thank you for you time and concern. After all, Together we All really can make a difference--that includes the Male population too.

Speeking of being part of the solution to pollution. There is also-->
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