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Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Reason to Keep Senator Sherrod Brown in the U.S. Senate Representing the State of Ohio

Watch our video!         Please-Oh Please--My Fellow Ohioans look and see How Pro-Big Business, Anti-Middle Class our Republican Governor Kasich and Speaker of the House Boehner are--We need to Keep Senator Sherrod Brown--We need Sherrod Brown's experience--We can not continue to sell out to the Ohio Republican Party, who hold the 'promise of more jobs' like a carrot, but do not tell how little those jobs will pay or at what cost to our environment. After all, there truly are many re-usable energy sourses other than fossil fuels, but there is only one planet--one sourse of air--one source of water--We do not need to sell out our home planet for a job or energy--that is short term gain at a long term cost, which we ourselves may not have to pay, but our children and their children will.
If you haven't, it's well-worth your time.

After repeatedly slamming his Treasurer-race opponent for alleged cronyism and promising to behave differently, Josh Mandel gave plum jobs and taxpayer-funded raises to political cronies and friends.

Worse, we caught his cronies in the act, discussing the sheer ridiculousness of their new jobs and gigantic raises with Josh himself… on Facebook.