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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enlightenment Thursday

The "Gunshine State": 6 Awful GOP Laws That May Harm Florida Forever
Florida Republicans bring gun mayhem, Jim Crow, teacher firings, insurance industry payoffs and misogyny to the Sunshine State.READ MORE
George Bauer / AlterNet

 Also Known As Six Reasons why Not To Vacation In Florida. After all, as the saying goes--If you do not like the Laws of Florida then you are not wanted in Florida--GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

I don't know about any one else, but the 'Stand Your Ground' Law legalizes Vigilante Justice, which is NOT JUSTICE AT ALL--NO ONE--NO ONE has the Right to Play Judge, Jury and Executioner--So It looks like only those who believe in the Individual's Right to Play Judge, Jury and Executioner has the Right to Go to Florida-then so be it. Personally, I See It As More Reason To Stay Away--FAR FAR Away From Florida!!! 

today's action Mountaintop Removal Is Burying Bears Alive! – Take Action Now

On it's own mountaintop removing (MTR) mining is pretty despicable. The practice is a controversial coal mining technique in which whole mountaintops are blow off to get at the coal reserves beneath the surface. It's terrible destructive and pollutes the communities nearby.
And now, in addition to all the horrific destruction of mountain tops, we are learning of bulldozers blazing right over the entrance of a bear’s den and burying a mother bear and her cubs alive.
We can't stand by and let this continue. For today's Daily Action, read more about how mountaintop removal mining is hurting bears and the land they call home and take action to end MTR mining.--->

This is Yet Another Reason, we must get off our (the Human Family) addiction to fossil fuel.  After all, I do not know about any one else, but as for me--I can only think of One other way to die that is as Cruel and Inhumane as being Buried Alive and That Is To Be Starved To Death. We Humans Can Not Be This Selfish or Cruel. This Must Stop! THIS MUST STOP.  THIS MUST STOP!  THIS MUST STOP!