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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Morning Myth Busting

Taxpayer-funded crisis pregnancy centers are using religion to oppose abortion, and many of them only hire Christians
 If you want to help carry out the anti-abortion mission of the taxpayer-funded Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center, you have to be a Christian.
It’s right there on the Rapid City, S.D., center’s volunteer application.
“Do you consider yourself a Christian?” “If yes, how long have you been a Christian?” “As a Christian, what is the basis of your salvation?” “Please provide the following information concerning your local church. Church name … Denomination … Pastor’s name.” “This organization is a Christian pro-life ministry. We believe that our faith in Jesus Christ empowers us, enables us, and motivates us to provide pregnancy services in this community. Please write a brief statement about how your faith would affect your volunteer work at this center.”.READ MORE

Christian Persecution in the USA is a myth

Christian Persecution in the USA is a mythMany Christians walk around with a Gibralter-sized chip on their shoulders, crying about how they are being treated unfairly and compare themselves with David in that mythical story we all know so well.  They fly into rages when unbelievers have the unmitigated gall to throw up a billboard here and there about godlessness because we all know there are almost NO Christian billboards out there…
The fact is that Christians are very much privileged in the United States.  Christianity is an ideology in the US that enjoys implicit, unreflecting, and uncritical acceptance and one would have to be a complete idiot to counter the fact that the mythical delusion of Christianity is dominant here. Christians are continuously told that they are special and deserve privileges. Many stores take the Christian sabbath into account and are not open for business on Sundays.  Most Christians don’t have to work on their holidays.  They can assume that television programming will be geared toward their holidays.  They can generally construct holiday displays such as nativities without fearing vandalism.  “Merry Christmas” is a greeting that they will most often hear during this time of year and can, with impunity, ignore and be ignorant of the holidays celebrated by other religious groups.  In fact, many school events will probably address Christian holidays.  There is no shortage of churches for a traveling Christian to worship at and whenever someone talks about or thanks god, Christians can assume it’s their god.  Almost every hotel in the United States has bibles in their rooms and when there is a need, Christians have many charities to donate to or get assistance from. .  .
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The sad reality is too many Ultra-Right-Wing Christians do not know how good they have it here in the United States, but then again, how can they--they are too busy whining and crying that the Law also entitles a person to convert away from Christianity as well as the right to remain what ever Religion their parents came to America as, To stop and Thank God of all the Freedoms that they take for granted. After all here in the United States, there are Christian Music, Christian Radio Stations, Christian Television Stations, who are free to broadcast.
The absolute worst part of this is that myths/ paranoia like this distracts from Christians around the world who are truly suffering from persecution.
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The Voice of the Martyrs - - A Global Perspective on the Persecution of God's Children