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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last thoughts on This Maunday Thursday

Trayvon Martin and America's Long, Horrific History of Vigilante Justice

The line between law enforcement and lawlessness has been blurred in the streets of our towns and cities.
 "At the Million Hoodie March, the name of Trayvon Martin was the first name on everyone's lips. But as the behoodied masses of mourners spilled into the streets of lower Manhattan, I heard other names, too, which joined Martin's in a litany of murdered children. As the names were spoken, sung, chanted, and echoed through the city streets, the assembled remembered a history that was supposed to have been long forgotten. . . . "

The Truth of the matter is the United States History has many many dark spots where Americans and the American Government succeed in doing Evil from many a unfair dealing with the Native Americans to Slavery and the 'Jim Crow' Laws that followed, not to forget the internment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War, among other crimes, but some of the worst were in the South against African-Americans and the Wild West where and when guns ruled. After all, all to often the 'Sheriffs and Deputies' were not all the much better than the 'outlaws' whom they pursued.
This is also the Greatest Strength of the United States--everything that every happened in our history we study and learn from, with the Hope and Pray that one day there will be a 'Perfect Union and that there will be True Justice for all--for all Americans regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender preference and/or gender identification'.

Fla. Task Force Examines Stand-Your-Ground Law

Florida officials, led by Democratic State Senator Chris Smith, plan to convene a task force to explore the "stand-your-ground" law in light of the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. Some tourists have said Martin's murder is making them think twice about visiting the state. Click here to read the entire article...

Well, It is about time, at least some Justice will come out of this shooting. After all, it is one thing to shoot in true self-defense, when your back is against the wall and it is either kill or be killed or kill lest you be raped. However, the 911 tape clearly shows that the police told George Zimmerman not to pursue Trayvon Martin which Zimmerman clearly ignores, but then denies and the complains that Trayvon Martin (at least a full 100 pounds lighter than Zimmerman) supposedly turned and started beating up this older and heavier man.
Again--This is why this Blog has been calling for the Polygraph Test--things are not adding up and without Trayvon Martin to question--George Zimmerman should be given the Polygraph Test.

The man accused of bombing a Planned Parenthood clinic in Wisconsin said on Wednesday that he did it "because they're killing babies there."
Francis Grady, 50, spoke to reporters who were covering his first appearance in federal court since the Sunday night attack. The Green Bay Press-Gazette posted video of him walking through the courthouse with a short clip of him speaking to reporters outside.
"There was no bomb," Grady said. "It was gasoline."    Read more
 Once again, there is proof of why the So called Pro-Life movement is in actual point of fact the Anti-Abortion Movement! After all, IF they Truly Were 'Pro-Life', They would not risk so many Lives.
No, Abortions should not be the first options. The One and Only Good thing About a Legal Abortion is that It Is Better Than An Illegal Abortion.  The First Option Should Be Prevention--In The Form of Birth Control, the Second Option Should Be Adoption, but If Adoption does not work for one reason or another then Abortion can be considered, but that choice is up to the woman not anyone else, especially this blogger.
The biggest problem is the slippery slope--the sad reality is once Abortions become Illegal then there becomes the all too real danger of Birth Control becoming Illegal also, that would wreck havoc on so many levels from women not finishing their education and dooming themselves and their children to live of poverty to the ever increasing population of the world, which is far too over-populated as is--to risk add that many more would be risk that many more being born to die the slow death of starvation and / or decease.