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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Morning Mix

today's action Save an Acre of the Whale Nursery
for Earth Day

We give gifts for holidays, birthdays and life celebrations. So why shouldn't we give gifts on Earth Day? NRDC has the perfect suggestion.

Every year, gray whales migrate thousands of miles to their pristine sanctuary: Laguna San Ignacio on Mexico's Baja Peninsula. But new threats are emerging that could despoil it forever.

NRDC is working to permanently protect the whale sanctuary by putting 500,000 acres around the lagoon off-limits to industrial development -- and your gift will protect one of those acres in the name of a loved one!

For today's Daily Action, save an acre of the whale sanctuary for a loved one this Earth Day.  To Take Action, Please Go To -->

In recent years, the NRA's leadership has expertly cultivated a very profitable hatred and paranoia among its membership. READ MORE
Alexander Zaitchik / Media Matters for America

This is Why We NEED GUN CONTROL! Are There Any Questions?

Freedom from a Dead-End Life: True Liberty Means Defeating the Right-Wing's Nightmare Vision for America

The Right likes the parts of "big government" that limit our freedoms and attacks those that expand them.
Photo Credit: AFP
Last week, Mitt Romney summed up the Right's rhetorical fluff as well as anyone when he told the National Rifle Association that “freedom is the victim of unbounded government appetite.” It was an unremarkable comment, so accustomed are we to hearing the Right – a movement that historically opposed women's sufferage and black civil rights and still seeks to quash workers' right to organize and gay and lesbian Americans' right to marry– claim to be defenders of our liberties. . . . .

REALITY CHECK!!! Wake up and smell the coffee, all ye Republicans!!! Does it really matter how cheaply we make anything from cars to silver spoons, if there is no Middle Class who can afford to buy them.  Wake up!!! Wake Up!!! It is the Middle Class which is the True Backbone of Society.  The Middle Class with the Union Jobs--Unions that you are out to destroy, because you are too busy siding with 'Big Business' who would cut the pay of their workers without stopping to think that the more working poor there are--the fewer people who can afford to buy the things that they make, which leads to fewer costumers which lead to less Business.

Are you paid in compliments instead of raises?

(MoneyWatch) Dear Evil HR Lady,My reviews are glowing, my progress non-existent. I feel like I am getting paid in compliments and not in salary and/or title. I have been with this company for two y...

Warning!!!! Talk is Cheap!! If the worker really is as valuable as the boss saids then where is the action of  the pay raise, lest the boss losses such a valuable employee?!?!?!?
After all, I remember my former boss always gave complements instead of a pay raise and when a pay raise was asked for, then it was said that the complement went to the person's head, since the one and only person who was truly the only and only VIP was the boss, herself--everyone else was disposable.

The Ten Commandments of a Job Search

Gerry Corbett is the PRJobCoach at and CEO of Redphlag LLC, a strategy consultancy. He has served four decades in senior communications roles at Fortune 100 firms and earlier in his ..

Reality Check! The more people who move up into the Middle Class or Higher up in the Middle Class--The better for Us All--After all, This is a Global Economy, the better each family does=the better each community does=the better each State/region does=the better each county does=the better for the Entire Planet.