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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday in the Afternoon the Mix


Participate in National Donate Your Hair Day on April 27!

Create a team, pledge to grow your hair with friends, and commit to cut with Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Program! Pantene and Seventeen Magazine have teamed up to host the first ever National Donate Your Hair Day on April 27, benefitting the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program (#beautifullengths). This will be the first annual day of giving where people nationwide are encouraged to cut and donate their healthy hair, which will be used to create wigs for women living with Cancer.

For today's Daily Action, visit the National Donate Your Hair Day application on Pantene's fanpage, start a team or join an existing team. Making a difference in the lives of women living with Cancer starts with your commitment to grow and donate your hair. Your friends can help – all you need to do is sign up at>
 I do not know about anyone else, but by the time that the 27th of this month comes around I am hoping to have enough hair to donate--I can only hope and pray that I have enough hair and that they don't mind the color grey.

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Fracking Companies Make Top Bids For Water Alongside Colorado Farmers

While there has always been competition for water in Colorado, today's contenders no longer just include farmers, but the oil and gas industry too.The Denver Post reports that an auction hosted by ...

Maybe it is me, but the question is Not whether or not 'fracking' will draw out more gas or oil or not, BUT at What cost??? After all, There Is More to Life than Just Making Money.   There is more to Life than Money. After all, No Amount of money is going to buy back clean water, after all our ground water is polluted--No Amount of money is going to buy back unpolluted food after it all has been irrigated with polluted water--No Amount of money can buy us out of this Global Warming Mess we have made--Unless it is the money that is invested in the future--the money that is well invested in re-usable energy--such as bio-fuel, solar energy, wind energy and the like.

Ask Congress to Fund the Fight to Save Bats

bat with white nose syndromeSince its outbreak in upstate New York in 2006, the fungal illness known as white-nose syndrome has killed nearly 7 million bats and spread to at least 19 eastern states and four Canadian provinces. This devastating disease -- the worst wildlife-health crisis in U.S. history -- could soon be killing bats from coast to coast.

Without bats, populations of insects will skyrocket, and farmers' crops will suffer. Several bat species in the Northeast have already virtually disappeared, including the once-ubiquitous little brown bat. If the disease goes unchecked, costs to farmers for crop loss and increased pesticide use could reach up to $53 billion.

This year Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) have requested $8.5 million for white-nose syndrome research and management. This will help bats continue doing what they do best -- patrolling the night skies and eating thousands of tons of beetles, moths, mosquitoes and other insects every year.

Please, take action now to call or write to your legislators and ask them to support this vital funding.

Click here to find out more and take action.    After the winter that wasn't the last thing that we Americans can afford to do is to idly stand by and watch bats die.  After all, since there was too little winter to kill of the mosquito population, we need more bats to eat them, not fewer. If there is an extra large mosquito population and an extra small bat population that becomes a perfect storm for very nasty summer.