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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Morning' s Causes

Trayvon Martin Tragedy – Could It Have Been Prevented?

  Trayvon Martin Tragedy – Could It Have Been Prevented?

Written by Rita Smith
As the country continues to discuss, explore, grieve and rant about the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, one important outcome should be that we fully review all the details of the events, both on that terrible evening and past incidents that may have lead to it.
What is clear is that a young man is dead, and another one is now faced with possible charges of manslaughter or murder. As investigations finally begin, any forensic evidence that is available and what the few witnesses can add will continue to flesh out the details of what transpired that night. Most tragically, one critical voice in this event is forever silenced, and for that reason we must use every tool at our disposable to examine the events.
Any information about George Zimmerman’s choice to use violence in the past is critical to our understanding of his act that night in February and of how we can reduce violence in our communities. The use of violence, particularly lethal violence, is seldom a random and isolated act. When the past of alleged perpetrators of this level of violence is exposed, other less deadly acts of violence usually begin to emerge. If we are to truly reduce violence in our communities, it is imperative that we respond to those early signs of violent acts, especially when those acts are directed at another person. The response must include significant consequences to hold the perpetrator accountable. If we do actually punish violence against persons with consequences that have meaning to the perpetrator, it may very well reduce the future use of violence by most of those criminals. . . . .
IMO--YES!!! YES, This Murder Could Have Been Prevented. YES, This Murder Should Have Been Prevented. YES, More Vigilante Murders Can Be Prevented By the Repeal AND The Rejection of these 'Stand Your Ground' Laws, which makes believe that a person who is CLEARLY taking the OFFENSE IS ACTING IN SELF-DEFENSE. THESE 'STAND YOUR GROUND' LAWS ARE--IMO--PURE EVIL, BECAUSE THEY GIVE PEOPLE THE 'RIGHT' TO MURDER--THE 'RIGHT' TO PLAY--JUDGE, JURY AND EXECUTIONER. THIS IS WHY 'STAND YOUR GROUND' LAWS NEED TO BE REPEALED OR REJECTED!!!


Are Whites Really Physically Afraid of Black Men?

Mythical black men are convenient scapegoats in our society. But it is the oppressed, rather than the oppressor, who has reason to fear. READ MORE
By Bijan C. Bayne / AlterNet

That is an Excellent question--That is a very Important question that each and everyone  of us Caucasians need to ask ourselves, Most Especially us older Caucasian women. Personally, I have worked for and with many African-Americans whom I remember with respect, not fear. After all, most African-Americans are working men and women, just like any other member of the Human Race.  There were some African-Americans that I trusted far less than others, then again, there were some Caucasians that I trusted far less than others also. After all, I have worked many jobs over the decades and worked with many people--AND THERE IS ONE THING That I have learned over the years and that is each and every 'race' , creed, color, religion, gender, age group, gender preference, and gender identification has their fair share of 'Problem Children' whose one and only goal is to use people and take from people.  This is why we have and will always need to have jails and why it is so hard to justify the elimination of the Death Penalty.


“Pro-Life” Gov Prefers Dead Babies Over Health Care For Illegal Immigrants


When Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman signed the country’s first 20 week abortion ban back in 2010, he was eager to prove his stripes as a “pro-life” legislator.
That same session, he also vetoed Medicaid funds that would provide prenatal care for undocumented pregnant women, saying he couldn’t support any taxpayer dollars going to illegal immigrants, despite the fact that their children would in fact be citizens of the country.
When the unicameral legislature originally enacted the ban, they soon tried to find other ways to fund prenatal care for undocumented women rather than through taxpayer funds after learning how dire the consequences could be for the babies if a woman didn’t have access to health care.  They were told about a “4 percent death rate during the first year of life for those babies whose mothers had no prenatal care at all. The high death rate has many factors, including that mothers who don’t get prenatal care may be less likely to take their children to doctors after birth. But prenatal care does play a role,” too, the health expert informed them. . . . .
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Are there Really any questions of how and why the so called 'Pro-Life'  movement should Really and Truly be called the Anti-Choice Movement?!?!?!?

This is also why--IMO--with Social Conservatives around--who needs the Anti-Christ??? After all, who or what are Christians called to worship--Jesus the Christ or The Almighty Dollar???   
After all,the way that I see it, when Society is more worried about money spent than lives saved--THAT IS NOT THE WORK OF JESUS--BUT THE WORK OF THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR.

It is days like this that I do miss the Mixxingbowl--who knows if enough people miss it--it very well might come back--at least that is my hope, since I don't do as well on ChimeIn as I did on the Mixxingbowl, itself.