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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Afternoon for Job Hunters

The goal of passing these on is to do good for those who are job hunting or know someone who is. After all, with this Global Economy when one family is doing good--it is good for their city . . .which ultimately good for everyone.

10 Ways to Change Your Daily Routine for Job Search Success

Life at Bad Rhino has been insane the last couple weeks and we have a pretty big week with a client grand opening and our day on this Thursday.  However, I wanted to pop in with ...
ALRIGHT!!! CHANGE is good, indeed, I like that. After all, the same old same old not only gets boring, but down right depressing as well. After all, the more bored a person feels the more time just drags on at a slower pace.
This is so true. After all, I tend to be a creature of habit, always ready for a new ruteen for which I paid the price of when I was underemployed and job hunting, because that boring ruteen felt like it went on forever.

The Art of Human Interaction

Difficult people…we all have to deal with them, right? Wrong. I am certain there is no such thing. Our approach to dealing with others is usually a direct reflection of our perspective, one that, f...

Maybe it is me, but sometimes it feels like we all spend so much time on the computer that we forgot how to communicate face to face, but yet, when we are on a job interview we are doing the most important face-to-face--the face-to-face of whether they should hire us or someone else.  Who will fit in and do the best job? 

Sensational Executive Resumes: How to Improve the Top Third of Your Resume

April 26, 2012 by William Frierson Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast One thing most executive job seekers don’t consider when writing their resumes is the importance of the top one-t...
 Then, again, there is rarely an interview without there first being a Resume.