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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why I came to and left Evangelical Christian Faith

Lots of people have successfully left their religious faith behind. Here's what the path out looks like. READ MORE

Valerie Tarico / AlterNe

 Oh, Do I Hear this! This sounds in many ways like my own spiritual journey.  I started out somewhat 'normal' -whatever that is. I mean my dad did was busy with Lutheran Church things on every Sunday-- At first he attended the morning service and for a time taught Sunday School Class, often with Mom and sometimes with my older sister and me. She was more willing to go than I was at the time. Then came Confirmation Time and my sister and I completed and both signed up to be acolytes. Not long after that I spent two weeks in Conneticut with my Aunt & Uncle & cousins, where I got dared into watching a movie with them, which was-->'The Exodist'.  I was okay for a while, but then, I returned home and the nightmares and the anxity attacks (fear of nightmares) began and lasted for almost 10 years, give or take a month or two or three.

Even though I had enlisted in the Army Reserve, I was still coming back home and sleeping every single night with a night light, until I started watching Evangelical Christian Services on television and eventually 'prayed' away the nightmares, and I swore to God The Father, Jesus The Son and To The Holy Spirit my eternal gratitude, which we why I was a member of An Assembly of God Church, where I was married and both my sons baptised in and for a brief time on-line as both MsScarlett##### and ScarletAngelB2, if my memory serves me right, and for which I ask for forgiveness, because at that time I was so much on fire for preaching the Word of God-God only knows how much harm I was actually doing without knowing it.  
Then came the job of working in a Cleaning Service, where I worked in a small company lead primarily by a pair of sisters. The younger sister-the owner and manager and disciple of the old sister-the older sister an absolute Right-Wing, ultra Holy Ghost Filled Christian old lady, who sat in judgment in every one, most especially everyone who was younger than herself. She was such a pain that I coined the phrase--'Holy Ghost Filled Pain In The ASS' because of all the lying, cheating and stealing I witnessed her do and yet still sit in judgment of others as if she 'was the Holiness and Righteousness of God' without an ounce of compassion--except for employees who worked hard enough to make enough money for the company--as if the true sign of Christianity is MONEY-MONEY-MONEY---Then again, this is how I learned tolerance--I learned that I hated being judged--One thing I do my best to do-- that is not to do to others the things that I hate being done to me--Lord, Forgive me, Jesus each and every time that I fail, but I am just here doing my best to get through this life with causing as little harm as possible and hopefully and prayerfully doing some good--some real actual factual GOOD. 

Which is why I now-->

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