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Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Monday Morning Mix of Environment, Jobs and Labor's Rights

today's action Sign TakePart's Water Bill of Rights!

Every human being should have access to drinking water that is clean and safe. In the United States, chemical pollutants, aging infrastructure, and procedural inefficiencies are culminating in a water crisis of epic proportions.

Our friends at TakePart believe that local, state, and federal governments should be working harder to properly manage our water.

For today's Daily Action, sign the Water Bill of Rights, brought to you by TakePart and Last Call at the Oasis—a new documentary that shatters myths behind the world's most precious resource.

Ensure a better tomorrow; add your voice to this important national conversation.-->

Humans will always work. But that whole employee-employer thing is optional. It's time to start looking for another model.

Frank Joyce / AlterNet

The answer is YES for those who want or need to be their own boss. After all, as sure as leaders need followers--followers also need leaders.

Organizers and activists have planned direct actions and mass rallies, marches and blockades, as well as mutual aid, concerts, and more to include many people as possible. READ MORE
Sarah Jaffe / AlterNet

True confession time--I have never taken part in any May Day Activity--Not that I have anything against it per say--It is just that I have always been and continue to be busy with other things such as working. This year is no exception--yes, I do work tomorrow; in fact I go in a bit early--two hours early--7 p.m. to 11 p.m. or rather when the job is finished which takes an extra 15-30 min sometimes more, but I try to keep my over-time to a min. After all, I would rather go home as close to  the scheduled time as possible, so that I can get some rest. 
Who knows maybe one day I will and get to record it here for prosperity--Who Knows???

In addition, Let All Us Americans Truly Support Our Troops By (and Any One Else Who Can sign-Please, at least read and consider, since Not All Petitions are Inter-National-IF POSSIBLE-Please Sign)-->

Bill of Rights for Bereaved Military Families

Bill of Rights for Bereaved Military Families

Statistics show 1 in 4 Military Deaths are Non-Combat Related; an unacceptable number for Military Families and for our Country’s National Security and Defense.

Each month the Department of Defense releases historically high suicide statistics. However, upon closer examination anyone can see it is releasing numbers based on assumptions and incomplete death investigations.

Although the Cause and Manner of these Military Non-Combat Deaths may differ, the similarity of inadequate Military Death Investigations and the disrespect for the Military Deceased and Bereaved Military Families is consistent.

Inadequate Military Death Investigations and Human Rights Violations involving Death Investigations of U.S Military Deceased have been documented for decades. The resulting damage from these flawed investigations include military families being given incorrect information relating to their loved ones death; up to and including an incorrect official cause of death. . . . .

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