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Friday, April 27, 2012

Todays Saga for Truth and for Justice

From the very beginning, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) led the opposition to reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) — even leading Senate Judiciary Republicans tounanimously vote against it because they object to its protections for LGBT victims, immigrants and Native Americans. Grassley has now teamed up with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) “offer a substitute that would address GOP concerns with the bill.”
Although the full details of Grassley and Hutchinson’s watered down protections for domestic violence victims have yet to be released, it is likely that they will map Grassley’s previously stated opposition to providing greater support for LGBT, undocumented, and tribal victims of domestic violence. The Hutchison/Grassley amendment will likely leave out some victims who face particularly harsh discrimination. If Senate Republicans embrace Grassley’s earlier objections to reauthorizing VAWA, they will show that they are willing to tolerate a certain amount of domestic violence by ignoring certain victims:    Read more


Can there truly be any questions left to why No loving--caring--self-respecting woman nor any father who truly loves and cares for his daughter and/or future grand-daughters should show it by Not Voting Republican--But By Voting Democrat.


 I always suspected something like this was the case. The new issue of Texas Monthly delves into the long neglected story of George W. Bush less than stellar military career in the Texas Air National Guard. The Texas Monthly lays out the surprisingly complicated mechanizations that led to the Junior Bush landing this plumb spot in the T.A.N.G.
That George W. got special treatment at a time when draftees were likely to end up slogging through the jungles of Viet Nam shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to anyone who knows how America routinely gives special treatment to the offspring of the 1%. What did come as a surprise was why George W. stopped flying and that he apparently did so with the tacit approval of his commanding officers in TANG, who who viewed Bush's move to Alabama to work on Winton "Red" Blount's campaign for the U.S. Senate as the the Junior Bush's effective departure from their unit and apparently from his 6 year obligation to the National Guard as well.    Read more

  We all should have know that George W. Bush was nothing more than a 'Chicken Hawk'  by the way that he got the United States in two wars at the same time.

 It's well known that Republicans all over the country are doing what comes naturally by seeking to restrict the franchise, most notably through voter ID laws that will disproportionately affect poor and minority voters, restrictions on voter registration drives, and cutbacks on "convenience voting." It's even been called "the war on voting" in Ari Berman's phrase.
But a less well-known phenonmenon might be called "bankrupting the vote," as states and localities (particular cities with heavily Democratic electorates) struggling with fiscal crises simply can't afford to adequately staff and administer elections.  Read more
 After reading this can there be any questions left that the Republican Party knows how much of the American Middle Class and Working Class and the Poverty Strickened votes they have lost, because of their 'Give to the Rich 1%ers and take from the rest' policies

Back me up when I go head-to-head with Bank of America on May 9.
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Dear Reader-I believe that we are all needed to save this planet that we all live on from ourselves and our tendency to be selfish,

In two short weeks, I’m going head-to-head with Bank of America executives, board members, and shareholders to demand that BofA stop fueling climate change.

On May 9, I will address BofA CEO Brian Moynihan inside the bank’s annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte, NC. I will be standing alongside people whose communities and health are threatened by the coal mining and burning that BofA funds. And I am asking you today, will you have my back?

Tell Bank of America that you stand with me and those directly impacted by it’s coal financing.

More than 1,000 people from all over the country will be converging on BofA’s shareholder meeting. But that’s not enough. On May 9, CEO Brian Moynihan needs to know that for every one of us in Charlotte, there are a dozen more people across the country standing up with us to demand that the bank stop funding coal and finance clean, renewable energy solutions instead.

Add your name now to amplify the powerful chorus of voices demanding that BofA end its funding of dirty coal and global climate change.

As you may have heard, this spring’s corporate shareholder season is a big deal. The 99% Power coalition—made up of workers, retirees, families fighting foreclosure, the unemployed, students, immigrants, and environmentalists—is uniting to build an economy and a democracy that works for all us.

Add your voice today.

Amanda Starbuck
For a clean energy future,