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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

God Save America Part II--The Environment

Take Action
Dear Readers, I am passing this e-mail on because We need Fresh air too much not to, Support For The EPA Is Absolutely Necessary--as necessary as the air that we breathe, which we can not ildly stand by and watch it become unbreathable>>>
Crisp and blue by day, starry and wondrous by night: The majestic desert skies over our national parks of the Southwest deserve the highest of protections. Wouldn't you agree?

If you want to ensure the air in and above our southwestern national parks is protected for future generations, take action now. Speak up for clean air!

After decades of promises, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally proposed a cleanup plan for three 1970s-era Arizona power plants--some of the biggest park polluters in the country--that honors its obligation to our parks. If finalized, its requirement for modern, highly effective pollution controls would dramatically benefit those desert skies over 18 national parks and wilderness areas, including the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde.

But EPA can’t do it alone. The plan isn’t final yet. EPA has already experienced significant industry backlash, so they need to hear from you before September 18 that you support their strong park protections.

Take Action: Tell EPA's Region 9 Administrator Jared Blumenfeld you want old coal plants to have modern controls--tell him to stand tall in protecting our desert air! Someday, we want to be able to tell our children and grandchildren, “I remember when you could only see half as many stars as this--when on bad days, the air was still hard for some people to breathe.”

We appreciate you voicing your support for a plan to clean up pollution that impacts the magnificent desert national parks in and around Arizona. We couldn't do this work without you. Thank you!


          Kevin Dahl
          Arizona Program Manager