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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yes, I am part of the 47%, but I hate the sound of my voice, so I am posting my story instead of video taping it.

Mitt Romney's closed door fundraiser comments show what he really thinks about half of Americans: they're moochers and deadbeats.
Romney said that the 47 percent of Americans who will vote for Obama are "dependent" on government, think of themselves as "victims," and will never "take personal responsibility for their lives." He was talking about you, me, and millions of other Americans.1
He's talking about seniors on Medicare, who spent their entire adult lives paying taxes. He's talking about military families, who give everything for our country. And he's talking about college students, working to create future careers.
We need to show Romney what happens when you write off half the country. So, we're asking you to make your own video response to Romney, with your own story—How you're not a "victim," you're a voter.
We'll turn the best video into a TV ad for critical swing states, and we'll share some of the most moving stories on social media with more than 400,000 Facebook fans and almost 75,000 Twitter followers. But we need to jump into this moment right away, so we'll only be accepting submissions until midnight Pacific Standard Time tonight!

Mitt Romney risks alienating more than 47% of voters with his comments. That's seniors, students, and soldiers he's talking about—responsible Americans who have contributed to society. And guess what? He doesn't think he should even have to "worry about those people."2

Let Mitt Romney know that you're not a victim, you're a voter. Just tell your story, then upload your 26-second video and send us the link. Click here for instructions.
You can also help a friend, family member, or neighbor tell their story, by helping to record and upload their video.
Don't forget: we'll only be accepting submissions until midnight PST tonight. And your story just might end up on national TV or spread virally on social media!
Thanks for all you do. 
–Justin, Stephen, Stefanie, Ryan, and the rest of the team

My story is also about my life with my late husband and after my husband passed away.  After all, one of The jobs that he had was a Union job, where he was one of the low persons on the seniority ladder, which meant that any lay offs all to often included him. So Yes, our family did collect unemployment insurance.
Yes, We Received, But We Also Paid Our Taxes.
With the stress of unemployment among other things, he developed a drinking problem that got him fired. At that time, he wasn't well enough to work or to be left alone with two very young children, so Yes, we did collect Welfare for a over a year, give or take.
Yes, We Again Received, But Again We Also Paid Our Taxes.

Then, he passed away, and the family collected SSI--which was not enough to pay all the bills that her left us, but it was enough to disqualify the family for Medicare  So Yes, I eventually got jobs. Yes, We did Receive, But Again We Also Paid Our Taxes.

Now I guess it is obvious that my family is Democrat in its leanings. After all, we are not afraid to tell the truth.

After all, the simple truth is not all the 47% are Democrats. Yes, I am referring to my former bosses(the Tea Party Republicans) at the Cleaning Service, yet again.  But between all the taxes they evaded by conning us into working under the table and who know what else. They managed to go from bankruptcy to a house that cost double of their former house. Who knows how many or much taxes they dodged to achieve that. Not to forget the compulsion to save garbage bags when our company cleaned St.Paul's Lutheran Elementary School/Church--They probably did sell many garbage bags on a Black Market, which would explain the supervisor's compulsion to frame so many for Witchcraft.  After all, they acted as if the Only Workmen Who Are Worthy of their Wages Are Those Who Can Prove Their Christianity.  If a person can be framed for Witchcraft then that person is not worthy of their wages and these Holy Ghost Filled Christians are free to "Take them for what they are worth", as much as possible as long as they a(the bosses) do not get caught

So that is my story, If anyone is less camera shy than I am and is willing to do so, Please Do.