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Monday, September 17, 2012


 Dear Reader, I am passing this e-mail on because Ohio Is What I know best. Ohio and the United States Must be Saved From Mandel claiming more power and from being able to do even more harm to America than he can do to the state of Ohio.

Sherrod spoke with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz last week about the onslaught of special interest attacks against him in Ohio.

Did you get a chance to watch?
Just like Sherrod says -- this race all comes down to one question: whose side are you on?

Sherrod is on the side of the middle class -- 100%.

Josh Mandel on the other hand, is firmly entrenched on the side of the special interests -- which is why groups like Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS have already spent more than $17 million propping him up by attacking Sherrod.

I know you’re standing with Sherrod in this campaign. And we need your help again. Watch Sherrod’s interview. Then consider helping us raise the $350,000 we need this week to fight back with a contribution today.

At last count, the special interests were outspending our side nearly 4 to 1. Ed Schultz refers to it as a “financial slaughter.” I prefer to think of it as a challenge.

This is not a matter of outspending the special interests -- it’s a matter of out-organizing them. They may have deep wallets, but we have droves of grassroots supporters fighting beside Sherrod in this campaign. And I’m betting our way works better.

We have a long way to go in this race, and a $3 million plan on how to cross the finish line first. But to make that plan work, we still need your help.

If we’re going to raise $3 million before November hits, every week from here on in needs to be a big week. Make sure you watch Sherrod’s interview. Then help make just a little bit more with a contribution of $15 or more today.

Thank you for being a part of this campaign. And thank you for continuing to fight with Sherrod.

            Sarah Benzing
            Campaign Manager
            Friends of Sherrod Brown

After all, we  Ohioans Have Been Suffering From One attack ad after an other attack ads, since October 2011, which is another reason to support Sherrod Brown, TO REWARD  THE REPUBLICAN AND THEIR CONSERVATIVE PAC'S FOR STARTING THE ATTACK ADS SO EARLY, ROBBING The Citizens of Ohio FROM The Peace of Mind that Comes From The Blessed Time Out Between Elections--All Attack Ads Attacks On The Voters Peace Of Mind, but unfortunately are a political necessity--which is why during the campaign season they must be endured from both sides and neither side should be condemned for doing it---BUT--BUT TO Start So Early That There is NO Time Out between elections is WRONG! OH! SO WRONG!!!! AND SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED OR ENCOURAGED, BUT DEFEATED--DEFEATED SO SOUNDLY THAT IT IS NOT REPEATED BY EITHER SIDE!!!!! WHICH IS WHY OHIO MUST BE SAVED FROM MANDEL--AND WHY WE OHIOANS MUST NOT ONLY KEEP SHERROD BROWN--BUT Sherrod Brown Needs an landslide VICTORY!!! SO THAT THE MESSAGE IS HEARD--DO NOT TAKE OHIO'S TIME OUT BETWEEN ELECTION AWAY FROM THE CITIZENS OF OHIO OR ELSE IT WILL COST YOU THE ELECTION!!!!