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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Evening--Dedicated to The Economy and Jobs

Hiring managers traditionally look at your resume, follow up with your LinkedIn profile and then call you for an interview. If you’re rarely getting interviewed, you need some serious feedback. Here are a few non-traditional places to find out where your resume needs improving. Learn more »

Thinking of moving in with Mom and Dad while you get your working feet on the ground? This infographic shows how common the “boomerang effect” really is.
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Well, to tell the truth, for a while, about 5 years ago now, it looked like I and my sons would have to move in with my dad,  because my employment was so bad--THAT IS my motivation in passing on so much about Jobs--getting one and everything that is involved with gaining employment--I have been unemployed, I have been on Welfare, I have been on Social Security Survivor Benefits and there is nothing like Working For A Living--UNEMPLOYMENT AND(I am currently underemployed and looking which is why I can say-->) UNDEREMPLOYMENT SUCK!!!

You know the value of networking online. But while using tools like Twitter for networking, are you making the all-too-common mistake of leaving that network on Twitter? Read more »

5 Must-Have Browser Extensions for Your Job Search Too many job seekers take the long way when it comes to studying, learning and applying for jobs online. With all of the different forms you’ll need to fill out, utilizing browser extensions is a must. Read more »


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