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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Memory of 9/11/2001

September 11 will always be a tragic day in American history. But in the years since the attacks, it has become a day to honor the victims and survivors by doing good.

In 2002, two friends created the organization now known as MyGoodDeed. Since then, more than 20 other leaders from the 9/11 community banded together in support of the 9/11 Day Observance. With their help in 2009, September 11 was officially designated as a National Day of Service and Remembrance, and every year more and more people join in the movement to volunteer time or make a contribution in any way they can to a cause that’s important to them.

For today's Daily Action, read more about how people are honoring 9/11 with good deeds and tell us: what will you do to honor today?
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Support 9/11 First Responders

Don't leave 9/11 emergency workers with insurmountable medical costs!
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YES, We Should, from being on Care2 to anything and everything that does good and fights Hate, The True Villain of 9/11.

After all, we need to Remember Touched By An Angel-->

Episode #112: "In The Name Of God"
Original Air Date:  October 28, 1995
Written by: Martha Williamson
Directed by: Tim Van Patten
Produced by:  Martha Williamson, Jon Andersen, and Robert J. Visciglia,  Jr.

Tess returns to the town of a previous assignment and she and Monica help JOANNE (Talia Balsam) open an AIDS hospice. Joanne is injured in a bomb blast and Tess is brought face to face with a white supremacy group headed by her previous assignment TIM (Craig Wasson). Tess' anger causes her to be replaced by another angel, SAM (Paul Winfield). Monica is able to enlist the help of a nosey neighbor JERRY (Dick Van Patten) and the angels do battle with Satan (John Schneider), who's posing as a politician. Tess and Monica reveal themselves to Tim and show him that he was motivated by fears stretching back to childhood. Together they drive Satan out of the community.

Not that Islam is Evil or any Religion is evil, but hate is evil--intolerance is evil, most especially when it hide behind a religion, any religion--We Can Not Fight Hate with Hate, because then we become part of the Evil. We Fight Hate, with Love and Compassion and Serving others. 

After all, Look how the world changed after 9/11.  Before 9/11, Islam was just another religion, since 9/11, there has been a growing backlash. After all, how else does one explain that any where near the 9/11 attack has become to all too many Americans 'Too Holy of a Sight to build a Mosque' and/or the worst thing a person can be accused of is being a Muslim--After all, there are still many Right-Wing Christian Taliban who refuse to stop accusing President Obama of being a Muslim, who demand that the first requirement for the office of Presidency be that of Christianity, as the aftermath of 9/11. 

Not only that, but before 9/11 there were periodic talks about Gun Control. After 9/11, any talk of Gun Control has been silenced and accused of being 'UN-American, if not down right--Anti-American--another Aftermath of 9/11. 

Yes, It Did Inspire Fear and that Fear grew to Anger and Hatred to every thing that is Islam.

WHICH IS WHY WE NEED TO OVER-COME HATE AND ANGER AND FEAR--WITH SERVICE AND TOLERANCE AND ONE DAY--ONE DAY--Islam may again be just another religion that Good people have the choice to practice or not to practice in America.