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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Morning--God Save America From . . .

Their greed has caused explosive growth in a cost and over-treatment spiral that's threatening Medicare, our health-care system, and arguably -- us. READ MORE»

This is Why I Say An Educated Voter Is The Republican Party's Greatest Fear.

It's the most misleading and most watched morning news show on TV. READ MORE»
But then, again, The Republican Party do have their ways of Keeping the Voter From Being An Educated Voter, Since they Prefer A Misinformed Voter So Very Very Much Safer For Them And For Big Business. They need the Mindless Minions who simply do as they are told, no questions asked, even to the point of stabbing them selves in the back with higher taxes or sacrificing their own children's education on the alter of Corporate Greed.

Chicago isn’t seeing its teachers as greedy. They’re seeing them as a vanguard in the struggle against what might happen to the rest of the middle class next if they don’t speak up. READ MORE»

After all, No One Goes out on strike without a reason. Strikes are not fun, but sometimes they are necessary. After all, I have worked enough Non-Union workplaces to know that being a member of an Union with the power of the striking is the one and only way to get an ounce of respect from the boss. What can I say; I have been told often enough--> 'What are you going to do about it? You don't belong to a Union. You can't go on strike. So you got to do anything and everything I tell you."

P.S. Speaking of God Saving America From--America Also Needs To Be Saved From Those Who Call Lies-Truth -->