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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Morning Is About God's Creation--The Environment.

Tell the EPA to Outlaw Deadly Insecticide ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

As important as they are to the global ecosystem, honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate. In what is known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) bee colonies that are bustling one day, are simply gone the next. While colonies were known to disappear


Albert Einstein once theorized that if the honeybee were to disappear from the face of the Earth then humans would soon follow. Bees pollinate flowers, crops, and plant life across the globe. They are the Earth’s most prolific and efficient pollinators, and play an immensely important role in keeping plants alive and people fed (honeybees pollinate up to one third of what humans eat, valued at well over $200 billion).

CROPS=OUR FOOD!!!! We cannot afford to kill of bees!!!! After all, it there not already enough hunger and starvation!! If we cut the food supply by 1/3 Would that not Equal That Much More Hunger and Starvation?!?!?

 SO SAVE OUR FOOD=SAVE OURSELVES=SAVE THE BEES, Who do an irreplacable service of pollenating our food and flowers, which add so much Beauty to our lives.


Interesting Dole and Shell are trying to get away with Murder, but where is that Pro-Life Party-a.k.a. The Republicans--OOOPs!! Forgot, They are siding with the Corporations who want to get away with Murder--AND SOME PEOPLE WONDER WHY THEY GET CALLED ANTI-CHOICE.



Dole Wants Corporations to Get Away With Murder. Literally. ACTION

Corporations know that this case is precedent-setting, and so corporations like Dole Foods are filing briefs in support of Shell to protect their own interests and make sure they can't be held accountable for human rights abuses abroad either.