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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Evening Blog--The Economy and Jobs-Jobs-what more can I say, without repeating myself too often--->

Many people cannot afford to take a four-year break from working with little guarantee that they will be able to find a job with their bachelor’s. But this is not a reason to avoid getting a practical education. READ MORE»
This evening's blog is dedicated to the Economy and Jobs, because Realistically We Cannot Nor Should Not Look to Washington D.C. to do everything for us, Regardless of who is or is not in office. 

Which is why--These are also included-->

Do You Have a "I" Based Resume? - Resumebear Online Resume - There is no “I” in “team.” There shouldn’t be an “I” in your resume either. That’s the advice of Anne-Marie Baiynd, President and CEO of and the former CEO of a recruiting firm. ...READ MORE!!!

Are you truly trapped at your job? - Fortune Management - FORTUNE -- When cubicles start to feel like prison bars, it's a problem. Unfortunately, a downside of the sluggish economy is that many of us lucky enough to have a job can feel like we are trapped...READ MORE!
YES, I WAS! That is the other reason why I post about the Economy and Jobs--Jobs--Jobs. I have been on Unemployment--Welfare--And Social Security Survivor's Benefits--Thank God, Those Safety nets Were there when My Family Needed them, But Still--Working Is Indeed The Better Option.


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