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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grand Parents Day

8 Reasons Why Super PACs May Cost Obama the Election

8 Reasons Why Super PACs May Cost Obama the ElectionWill Super PACs determine the outcome of the upcoming presidential election? That was the implication, anyway, when this week Rahm Emanuel left his position as the co-head of Obama’s national re-election campaign and immediately began working for Priorities USA Action, a pro-Obama SuperPAC, in order to help solicit huge donations for the sitting president.
The Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision has given rise to Super PACs, and though their effects have already been felt in other elections, 2012 marks the first year they will wreak havoc on a presidential election. Although Emanuel’s recent switch demonstrates the shifting priorities of the Obama campaign, the move may be coming too late to successfully counter the large lead the Romney Super PACS have amassed.
While many political analysts are nonetheless projecting another victory for President Barack Obama in November, as Jane Mayer explains to NPR, the real consequences of Super PAC money on the presidential race have yet to be felt. Here are eight reasons why Super PACs may cost Obama the election:

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This Is Why We Independents need and must unite with the Democrats and behind President Obama. We did it in Ohio, the last election, where we defeated the 'Union Busting-Job Killing' State Issue 2. WE CAN AND WE MUST DO IT AGAIN, THIS TIME NATIONALLY--FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS--FOR THE ENVIRONMENT--FOR THE FUTURE--FOR OUR LOVED ONES--FOR THE GRANDPARENTS Who today are Celebrating Grand Parents Day!  Read Whom the AARP endorses.

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Jon Stewart: Fox News Anchors' Hearts and Brains Appear to Have Shrunk Three Sizes Between RNC and DNC

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at September 8, 2012, 9:27am

Last night the Daily Show wrapped up its convention coverage with an episode that focused in part on good ol' arch nemesis Fox News. In a segment titled "Last Week, This Week," Jon Stewart compared several Fox anchors' reports from the RNC and the DNC, and the results are predictably telling.

Watch the segment below.
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