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Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Post--Still Fighting Against Lies and Right-Wing Propaganda

Hedges and D'Souza debate "2016: Obama's America" with moderator Sonali Kolhatkar; Hedges argues the film "shows how impoverished our intellectual life has become in a kind of national level." READ MORE»

In Short, This Movie Is Nothing More Than Right-Wing Propaganda, With No Entertainment Value WhatSoEver!!!!

Conservative ideology refuses to accept that a strong public sector is essential and has nothing to do with unhealthy dependency. READ MORE»

Then again, there is my theory that Somehow the Republican Party has bought into the Lie and Deception  that the only way for businesses to grow is if they are free to pollute the air and or water without consequence.
The EPA is necessary as sure as Fresh Water and Clean Air Are Necessary For Life to continue.

Romney's run an awful campaign. But his real problem is most Americans reject the Fox News/Limbaugh fairy tale. READ MORE»

This is also the Main Goal of This Blog--To Save America From Romney/Ryan, because the more I read about them=the more they prove that they are an absolute disaster for America and The World. 

Even More Proof of that Fact is--> 

Paul Ryan likened a mechanism to control health care spending to “death panels,” during a town hall at the University of Central Florida in Orlando on Saturday. READ MORE»