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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day--Part II--Still Fighting The Good Fight!

A remarkably dishonest campaign is getting even worse, with no accountability from the TV networks. READ MORE»
READ MORE AND MORE AND MORE; ENOUGH SAID! Become Mitt Romney's/Paul Ryan's Greatest Fear--A EDUCATED VOTER!!!

More evidence that conservatives tilted their views of the facts to favor their moral convictions more than liberals did, on every single issue. READ MORE»

After all, we all need to see the world as it Really Is. Facing a problem is always the first step in dealing with a problem. The sad reality is no amount of moral convictions solve a single problem--only facing the problem and taking the correct course of action solves a problem.

Which leads to The Biggest Problem that the Planet Is Indeed Facing-->
We are going to pay a terrible price for this charade. READ MORE»

Dow 13,103
Nasdaq 3,067
S&P 500 1,407
How many workers can actually say that they felt that benefit---So much for trickle down economics.