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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday's Post-- This Is Why The Science Channel is So Very Right when they say--"Question Everything"

On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart declared that Barack Obama is "the luckiest dude on the planet." READ MORE»

Yes, I do remember that segment of the 'Daily Show' That is a Good Question---and the Answer is-->>
At an educational forum this week, Mitt Romney called for restricting teachers' unions from participating in the political process. READ MORE»

The Sad Reality is that Mitt Romney is not the only one who is showing that he is getting dumber, there is also>>>> 
Rick Perry Wants To Replace Planned Parenthood With Crisis Pregnancy Centers That Don’t Provide Health Services
Republican presidential candidate , Texas Governor Rick Perry, speaks on November 18 in New York City. Texas Governor Rick Perry said he had wanted to be a veterinarian, but eventually chose to become an Air Force pilot.


Wool Festival in NYC Will Celebrate Cruelty to Animals
The Campaign for Wool will stage a propaganda extravaganza in New York City’s Bryant Park on September 27th, complete with live sheep. The festival, called “Wool Uncovered,” will not uncover the dark side of the wool industry.
Charles, Prince of Wales, launched The Campaign for Wool in 2010 when he “noticed an overall decline in the industry, with the price of wool dropping along with the number of sheep worldwide.” Care2 has reported on the heinous conditions sheep undergo during transport in and out of the United Kingdom.

Read more: IF YOU DARE??? AS IF any person in their right mind would 'kill the goose that lays the golden eggs'??? I may have been born and raised in the city, but even to me this does not add up.  IF the Sheep herd abuses or kills his/her sheep then they have that many less sheep and that much less wool to take to the market which does not make any CENTS NOR DOLLARS To me.
The sad reality is many from the Far Left are doing more and more to earn the nickname of 'FOOD TALIBAN' By doing as much dictating to others of what they should and should not eat, as the Christian Taliban do with how a person lives their lives, Now the Food Taliban expanded their attacks from those people who wear fur to all people who wear anything made from animals--Even Wool Now--WHICH IN MY OPINION WAAAAAY TOO FAR. NOW WE HAVE ANOTHER EXTREME WHO ARE CAUSING TROUBLE WHO ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE CHRISTIAN TALIBAN--WHICH IS WHY THIS BLOGGER WILL ALWAYS BE A MODERATE AT HEART.