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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day Part I---Health

 Health and Healthy Living do matter for us all. I know, as a now 51 year old woman, I am now older than I once dreamed that I would be. Some how for some reason, when I was a child, I remember thinking that childhood would never end--Why; I will never know, but it did, so now taking care of my health does matter. After all, one day, some day soon, either or both of my sons will marry and I will become a Grand Mother, myself. I am hoping and praying to not only still be alive for that day, but to be able to take my Future Grand Children places like the zoo, parks, movies, concerts--most especially concerts--to be able to introduce them to Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, J.S. Bach and the like.

 Ah, Yes, I remember the health benefits of Garlic quite well. After all, my late Mother use to have chronic High-Blood Pressure, so she always swore by Garlic toast, in addition to her medication. Fortunately for me, I inherited my Late Father's low blood pressure.

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 I know I have weight to loss too, which is why I am going to the gym today. I had planned on going to the gym, Saturday, since that was my day off from work, but since there was a mix up at the movie theater--I made the mistake of simply listening to ticket taker and blindly went where I was told. Unfortunately it was to the wrong movie, so I ended up going to a late showing of 'Hope Springs' than I had planned which left me not going to the gym, since I would have gotten there too late. After all, one thing that I do remember lifting weights help tire a person out for sleep, but cardio exercises get the heart to pumped up to sleep.

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Oh, Yes, Breaking a bad habit can be hard--very hard, indeed. I know I am a former cigarette smoker. Some of the things that I still remember was how hard quiting was and that nagging did not work at all--in fact, nagging only did one thing for me--it made me want a smoke even more.

It may have not been easy, but I am glad that I did--Enough Said.

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