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Monday, September 24, 2012


 Dear Readers, I am passing this e-mail on, because regardless of Race, Creed, Color, Religion, Gender, Gender Preference and or Gender Identification--WE ALL BREATHE THE SAME AIR AND DRINK THE SAME WATER AND ONE DAY FUTURE GENERATIONS ARE GOING TO DO THE SAME SO FOR THEIR SAKE AS WELL AS OUR OWN --THE CLIMATE MUST BE SAVED FROM GLOBAL WARMING--->Are you a Clean Energy Voter?
                                         Take the Pledge

           Left, right, or center — climate change affects us all.

It's critical that the climate crisis be a high priority for our Presidential candidates, and we need you to make sure that they know you're paying attention — and that you are voting for clean energy!

Will you pledge to be a Clean Energy Voter in this election?

EDF is working hard to make sure that climate change is a priority this election, but we can't do that without you.

The election is just weeks away — on the heels of a summer full of record temperatures, droughts, flooding, and other dangerous and extreme weather.

Now is the time when we must stand up against climate change, and ask our elected officials to do the same.

By pledging to be a Clean Energy Voter, you are sending a clear message that you are paying attention. You are promising that when you attend campaign events, get calls from campaign offices, or participate in any other election events, you will be making climate a priority — and asking the candidates to do the same.

So, please, sign the Clean Energy Voter pledge today . Make your commitment known, and stand up for climate action this November.

Heather Shelby Thank you for all you do,

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I was stuck in a dead end job for a while--and can honestly say--A DEAD END JOB IS GOOD FOR NO ONE--Since one company's employees are other company's customers. When companies stop paying a livable wage, their Greed is in Fact harming other companies and the country.

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After all, the best way to feed the hungry is to help them get a job, since giving food only helps for one day, helping them get a job, would hopefully and prayerfully a lifetime,, especially since we all need to eat.

 In Addition, If You know any women who shine--Do Nominate Them.
 Shine from YAHOO!

Recognize and celebrate the women in your life who are doing extraordinary things every day!