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Friday, September 28, 2012

One Step Toward Justice . . . .

After all, with Freedom comes Responsibility. He Abused his Freedom in such an Hateful Manner and with Lies and Deceptions, but Only 2 years maximum, well better than nothing, BUT with all the trouble that he stirred up he should get far more. After all, look how many Innocent People paid with their very lives. He should pay with more of his life than at most 24 mere months.


Calif. man behind anti-Muslim film ordered jailed

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The mystery surrounding the man behind the crudely produced anti-Islamic video that sparked violence in the Middle East took a strange turn after he appeared in court and gave yet another name in a string of aliases.
Arrested on Thursday after authorities said he violated his probation from a 2010 check fraud conviction, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula told a judge his real name was Mark Basseley Youseff. He said he'd been using that name since 2002, even though he went by Nakoula in his fraud case.
The full story about Nakoula and the video "Innocence of Muslims" still isn't known more than two weeks after violence erupted in Egypt and Libya, where Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others were killed in Benghazi. Violence related to the film has since spread, killing dozens more.
Citing a lengthy pattern of deception and the potential to flee, U.S. Central District Chief Magistrate Judge Suzanne Segal ordered Nakoula to remain in prison without bond until another judge can hold a hearing to determine if he broke the terms of his probation.
"The court has a lack of trust in this defendant at this time," Segal said.
Prosecutors noted Nakoula had eight probation violations, including lying to his probation officers and using aliases. He could face new charges that carry a maximum two-year prison term.
After his 2010 conviction, Nakoula was sentenced to 21 months in prison and was barred from using computers or the Internet for five years without approval from his probation officer, though prosecutors said none of the violations involved the Internet. He also wasn't supposed to use any name other than his true legal name without the prior written approval of his probation officer.
Three names, however, have been associated with Nakoula this month alone.
The movie was made last year by a man who called himself Sam Bacile. After the violence erupted, a man who identified himself as Bacile spoke to media outlets including The Associated Press, took credit for the film and said it was meant to portray the truth about Muhammad and Islam, which he called a cancer....

By Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet
Those white working-class voters that supposedly won't support Obama? They have him up by 8 points in the polls. READ MORE»

The Thing About Mitt Romney, The More A Person Reads About Him = The More Proof There Is Why He Should Never Get Elected To Any Office, MOST ESPECIALLY TO The Highest Office In America.

BUT-WE OHIOAN NEED TO REMEMBER THAT OLD SPORTS SAYING--"IT AIN'T OVER 'TILL IT IS OVER."  Which is why we need to make sure that each and every American Citizen gets out there, with all their duck nicely lined up, and votes!!