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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday's Post--The Aftermath Of Yet Another Shooting

Dear Readers, I am passing on this email, because Gun Control is too important not--Yes, Gun Control --No, Not Gun Grab. Yes, there are many responsible gun owners, who have Every Right To Keep their Weapons, There Is No Real Argument there--That is simply a Fear Tactic of the NRA--BUT There are those who go on killing sprees who should not have been armed. Yes, they still would have be dangerous no matter what weapon they were carrying, but by being armed with guns, they were able to kill and injure far more people than they would have if they had to chose a different weapon, such as a knife or bat and the victims would have had a better chance of escaping or fighting back.

My little girl only lived 9 short years. She filled them with an infectious happiness and curiosity for life -- dancing, singing in her church choir and even becoming the only girl on her Little League baseball team, "The Pirates." I loved coaching her in baseball and miss it every day.

Her life was cut short, alongside five others, by the shooting in Tucson, Arizona. Losing Christina-Taylor devastated our family. No parent should have to go through the horror we experienced.

That’s why I agreed to share our story as part of CNN’s “What Keeps You Up at Night” series on major election issues – if it can help prevent another mass shooting like the one that robbed my family of our daughter, I’ll tell it every chance I get.

Watch the CNN segment here, then please share it with your friends and family and urge them to join us in demanding a plan to end gun violence from President Obama and Governor Romney.

Watch the Video
I’m a gun owner myself, and I know we’re not doing enough as a country to keep guns out of the wrong hands. So I’m glad CNN is giving this urgent issue the national attention it deserves. I hope you’ll join me in making sure the two candidates for president do the same.
For Christina-Taylor,

John Green
Father of a Tucson victim