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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Health and Wellness--Part II

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Dear Reader, I am passing this e-mail on for your consideration, hopefully it is not too late to make a difference on so many levels--After all, we will not be simply saving the frogs and other animals, but ourselves as well;
Frogs can’t reproduce—and it’s no mystery why. Birth defects, fertility issues, and cancer are all caused by atrazine—a commonly used weedkiller found in 95% of America’s groundwater. It’s not just frogs that are affected by atrazine. Humans, too, can reap the disadvantages of ground water poisoned with this dangerous toxic chemical.
Urge Congress to put an end to poisoned groundwater »

Atrazine is known to dangerously linger in water supplies for up to 15 years—where it continues to spread the side effects of birth defects, cancer, and fertility issues. WE must insist that Congress bans the use of atrazine in the U.S., as it is poisoning frogs at a rapid speed and embedding itself in the nation’s groundwater.

Let Congress know that the pesticide atrazine does not belong in our groundwater, surface water, or drinking water! »
Thanks for taking action!

Kara F.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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